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Saturday, October 2, 2010

10 Minutes with Puppies in Paradise

I was ECSTATIC when I got the message back from Aimee saying that her pups had opened their peepers and were ready for their big debut to the world.  It was a brief session, as I had my loyal pooch in the van, (chillin in the A/C because he's a spoiled brat), and the pups heat up in the sun pretty quick I got into mission mode.  Brief hello's, hugs, and snatching up handfuls of pups, I had a flash of a premonition that my day was obviously going to be a good one. 

There was no better place to capture these beauties than "The Lahaina Oceanfront Estate", with its insanely green lawn overlooking the Lahaina harbor, (I totally get why people get married there!).  The sweet babes had just woken from their nap time and so I went right to work, (if you can call following around the most adorable fuzz butts work?).  Ten minutes later, the pups were ready to take shade and find Momma for some breakfast.  On the drive back to Wailuku, it took every single smidget of willpower I had to keep from looking at the pictures while driving, (we have a cell phone law, but I'm not sure if there's a camera law?). ;-)  I honestly didn't think we had enough time to get much of anything, but I was presently surprised by how much of these cuties character came through. 

This leads me to my final thought for today... I get asked why I prefer pets to people... pets are perfect, ALWAYS, period.  They are absolutely joyous, and spending a day smiling til' my cheeks need a deep tissue massage is the epitome of me in my happy place. Pets do not ask me to make them look thinner, remove their blemishes, or "bark", or gripe, or prefectify anything. (Perfectify?, COOL!). And one of the absolute main reasons I LOVE it, (besides the pets themselves), is because when I share my pictures with you, I hope that I also share with you the joy I get from it, and more importantly, a BIG, fat, cheeky grin! =] 

Puppy Love and Aloha,
Danielle (Queen B.)

That one is really crackin' himself up!!! Hahaha =D

Hangin' out

Happy Snuggle Babies


I love how the one in the back is catching a view while holdin' the fort down. =]
Baby bone

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