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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Camp Trip- Day Numero Uno "A Walk in the Clouds"

I've been asked over and over again about my camp trip, and I know for a fact that one blog will not do unless I bombard you with pictures and stories.  So here we go... Day by day... Lono & I's life on the road and our journeys into the woods....

Tommy and I made an agreement before I left that I had to spend my nights in the van since he was not with me and I could lock the doors. At first, I felt a little bummed because I really wanted to be a full blown hobo, but it turned out for the best and allowed us to see MANY places, since we were camping on wheels. 

We hiked well over 5 miles everyday, and spent the rest of our time in nature, thinking, writing, painting, and meeting other adventures.  Day 1 we went up up and away.... into the clouds, past the clouds, and to the top of Haleakala.  A friend warned me that dogs weren't allowed on trails... but we bent some rules... AND then got kicked off the trail by a ranger... I just don't get why dogs aren't allowed?  I mean, people poo too, right? ;)

Enough about poo and silly pet rules... Our short lived hike was through a glorious eucalyptus grove.  The coolness, the smells, the sounds, and my best little buddy by my side... I knew then that this trip was exactly what I needed in my life.  With no computer and my cell phone kept off, (except for my promised morning and evening "check ins" with Tommy), I felt awakened to the "real world".  Afterwards, we caught the sunset above the clouds and spent the night at Hosmer's Grove campground in Haleakala National Park, (Note: They no longer allow any fires of any sort in the camping area). 

Here are some of our day one pictures... Click to enlarge.

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Here's the border of crossing into the clouds.  You can even see the ocean!

This moo cow was chillin' in his cool and cloudy meadow.

A gift from Tommy and a sincere weakness of mine that makes most people go "ECK!"
Panda All Natural Black Licorice

Crazy cool eucalyptus trees in the clouds.

Watching the sunset, just me and the boy, at our awesome little lookout we found.
Lono being an excellent guard dog. =]

 *If you were here, let me know, by leaving a comment down below! :-) Have a wonderful Hump Day!*


  1. Great. Looking forward to sharing the rest of your adventure.

  2. Wow! So beautiful! Your photography really takes me there, and Lono is such a sweety! I took my dog and stuffed him in my backpack once.. haha! Can't wait to read more!


  4. Cheers to all of you, now I know my blogs are not just disappearing into thin air. ;) XOXO
    ~Ron, I'm going to rent a mega-super lense soon... Would love to take some more pics of you!


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