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Friday, October 15, 2010

Day Two- "When Nature Calls"

I thought I would've slept miserably with no Tommy and in the bitter cold, (you mainlanders would laugh or scowl, as "bitter cold" to me was at least in the 50's). I fell asleep easily though and when I woke, it was pitch black and chilly.  I immediately thought, "Oh no, here we go... I'm waking up at midnight just so I can toss and turn for hours trying to fall back asleep."  I had a sense of relief when I realized I was in the fetal position completely submerged under the sleeping bag, and then disappointment set in when I uncovered and realized that I had actually overslept past sunrise, (which is why most people go to Haleakala in the first place).  Lono and I started our morning driving to the top anyway, and once we got there, we had it all too ourselves as all the tourists had vanished.  The crater, which could hold all of Manhattan, never seizes to take my breath away, whether streaming with fluorescent colors or glowing in the sunlight.
The crater a bit past sunrise.

On the way back down, I stopped back at the campground to make some coffee with my two burner and french press, a definite camping necessity for a Carroll.  Then we were ready to head into the woods, and the days choice was easy... Maui's own redwood forest.  Most don't even know that a redwood forest exists outside of Northern California, let alone in Maui, but I am somewhat grateful for its secrecy and moderately difficult road that leads to it's incredible trails.  When I got there, there were surprisingly numerous children and parents scurrying about... Likely on a boyscout adventure.

Where's Lono? =]

Lono and I, equipped with water, snacks, TP, camera, pepper spray, and a pocket knife, headed into the towering forest.  Immediately, I felt burdenless and free... with no fear of the miles ahead.  For Lono, a single stick is the equivalent to drugs for a crackhead, and so I let him get his "fix" as the nutcase he is... galloping and chasing and chewing and shaking all the branches he could find.  We did the 5 mile loop trail and the experience was outrageously amazing.  From being in a thick cloud cover, to the young, yet large redwoods, to the flowered meadows and fields of ferns, I was invigorated. There were numerous pig tracks but very few signs of human life.  In fact we did not see a single person the entire time, (which felt strange but wonderful), and when the hike ended back at the PoliPoli campground, my hair stood on end and I got a shiver at the sight.  Just my van and one other car remained in the earlier crowded parking lot.  Apparently the boy-scouts were packing up when we got there, not setting up.  The cars door was open as if someone were watching me so I was quick to snap a picture, (just in case).  I leashed Lono up and slowly made my way towards the van.  Potentially worse then a lurker was the bashed up and mangled car someone had taken the liberty of destroying.  Why the van was untouched, I'll never know.  Maybe because of the security alarm?  My heart beating out of my chest, we loaded up and drove away.  There was a grungy guy in a pickup at the top of the hill... I didn't even make eye contact, I just kept on keeping on. 

License plate GPE425. Poor innocent little car...
A few mini-hikes and the mandatory relaxation for the rest of the day, we stayed at high elevations and caught sunset before calling it quits. This sunset was special because we watched it IN the clouds, (which was a first for me).  If you've never seen a sunset in a cloud, I highly recommend it.  It's a whole different world. It is like entering into a world of color... Like the most radical and psychedelic tinted sunglasses you could ever own with a giant dose of haze and mystery thrown in.  An amazing end to our wonderful adventure and with the next day to look forward too, we fell right to sleep. 

After all, that's what life should be about, right?  While we mope about work and money and petty shenanigans, we should really be looking forward to the next day, and being grateful for all we have.

Here are some more pictures from our hike and sunset:

My attempt to get Lono facing the camera on a self timer. Hahaha!
Even if this is part of a restoration project, (which I'm not sure of), my inner tree hugger still weeps at the numbers.

Monks, (one of his many nicknames), chillin' in the beautiful meadow. 

Had to do it... A throne fit for a Queen.... B. ;-)

Sunset IN the clouds. It "felt" so surreal.
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  1. I love you ! iI looks like you had a great time all but the one insadent. I love the picture of lono in the mirrow ! LOve ya, momma


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