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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Who loves dog-sitting? ME ME ME!!!

Meet Billy! We watched this beautiful poi boy while his parents were on Kauai, and I must say, I was sad to see him leave.  His Pops works with Lono's Dad at U.S. Coast Guard Station Maui.  We're all friends, so Lono and Billy have had the joy of runnin' rampid together at social gatherings. They are the perfect pair in size, weight, and playing style.  Lono had such great company, but I must admit I was "a little" freaked out by just how much they love each other.  They were always cuddling and kissing... and did other things I wont mention. ;) But so is the way of the dog I reckon!  (Boys!) =]


About Billy:

He is approximately 2 1/2 years old, adopted from MHS a few months ago when Mark and Lorain got stationed in Maui. Billy is extremely loving all the time and I got use too, and fond of, the out of nowhere face plops he did with his adorable fat head in my lap when I wasn't looking.  His eyes tell a story... One no one really knows of his life before, but I only hoped to catch a little of it in a picture.  He is hyper and mellow, and extremely loyal.  He snores louder than any dog I know and he will eat whatever you put in front of him.  He doesn't chase the ball... he chases whoever is chasing the ball.  He is more into humans and animals than toys.  He is very obedient, and Mark and Lorain have given him such a beautiful life.  They will be giving him a beautiful (human) baby brother or sister next March, and I have no doubts, Billy will be the best big brother there is.  I LOVE BILLY, (and Lono boy does too!).

Handsome little devils, aren't they?

I caught them out on the lanai like this. YEP, they're smiling. =]

Lono running with his ball... Billy running because Lono's running. hehe.



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