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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

2 Kids, 3 Women, and 4 Furballs hit the beach!

How many people and pets can one photographer handle? 

Aimee's always given me my biggest and best challenges with her gorgeous array of pets from her pet friendly vacation accommodations at The Lahaina Bungalow.  Remember the pictures I snapped of the puppies in the hammock?  Or perhaps the cat in the water?  Maybe even the up close piggy?  Yep, those are her babies!  She couldn't help but to keep two of those adorable lab pups. Muffin is pictured here on the right.  How quick did those puppies grow?

Beautiful Aimee and her adorable babes plus one!
Aimee sent me a message telling me about a fellow blogger, Sarah Burns, the clever creator of a real life Maui Mom's blog/website called The Ohana Mama.  Aimee said she had a lab similar to hers and mentioned a beach day shoot with multiple puppies and children involved.  My reply... I'M DOWN!  So our plans unraveled to Sarah bringing her two beautiful children, Cameron and Leah, and their pet pooch, Duke.  Aimee had, (the much bigger than I last saw them), Muffin and Hulk, and the Pomeranian that acts bigger than his britches, appropriately named Bear. 

The gorgeous Burns ohana playing at the beach.

So here we are... Three women, two kids, and four frisky fur balls running around chasing each other, (the dogs and kids were running for fun, I was running for pictures, and the lovely ladies were running around to keep it all together).  There's one thing I learned from all this running... There's no place like Maui to do it... especially at Baby Beach in Lahaina.   

Aimee busted out her surf board, and that's when the dogs and children climbed aboard.  How cool is it that her dogs semi-surf?  REALLY COOL if you ask me!  Even though our afternoon together was overcast, we still had a blast! Here's some pictures of our day....

And thanks ladies for a lovely time!


The usual casual introductions.... =]

Let the games begin!

I asked for a silly face... How cute is SHE?!

How the kids and dogs all ended up in one frame is a mystery. =)
Mahalo to Aimee for her really groovy idea of bringing the surfboard!

Cameron caught doodlin' in the sand.

Check out Sarah and Aimee's blogs about our adventures here:

Queen B.

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  1. Thank you again for such a wonderful day. Don't forget we still have 2 cats and 1 pig at home!! Talk about party animals...


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