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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sneak Peek: Scott and Lily!

I had the extreme pleasure of photographing Scott and Lily on their vacation from San Diego to Maui.  It was the day of the tsunami, so I'm not sure any of us had gotten much sleep the night before.  Nothing was going to stop this engagement shoot though!  They were incredibly sweet and SO MUCH FUN!!!  Their undeniable love for each other showed up in every photograph, and I couldn't help but to smile the entire time.  At home they have two cats, Yoshi and Nemo, who I'm sure they wish could have made the trip.  Maybe they'll be part of the wedding though?  Either way, Scott and Lily, you guys are awesome and have an AMAZING wedding in October... I know you will! :)

*Click on photos to enlarge*


  1. This shoot is so beautiful!!! You captured love in the most perfect way..


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