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Saturday, April 23, 2011


I often express that I feel as though I am the luckiest girl in the world; and besides my recent lack of time due to real estate and picture makin', I truly do feel this way.  I hope all of you feel the same about yourselves and your lives too! =)

I have been meaning to do this blog some time ago when my friends who I met through being my real estate clients, gave Tommy and I, (and our team of hungry friends), all of their groceries when they flew back to the mainland, (hundreds of dollars worth).  They wouldn't accept payment of any kind no matter what I said.  They also called us the night of the tsunami to wake us up and make sure we were safe and I am still struggling to remove their voicemail from my phone because it is such a touching reminder of what great people there are in my life.  Thank you Martin and Karen for your sweet generosity, for being such a blast, and for staying in touch no matter if it's business or friendship. You guys and your whole family, (including the pups and new additions), are absolutely an amazing bunch!

Just last week I received a package from my cousin Laurie, (also a bridesmaid in our wedding, and the girl I grew up pretending bedposts were horses named Cindy, and purse straps were their reins...LONG story).  We pen pal any time we have the chance.  Sometimes we'll write a few a year, sometimes more, sometimes less; but whenever I get her letters, I am eager to read them and become up to speed on her life and the tidbits of humor that make me smile, and literally, LOL. This package was really something else this time.  She was sure to include real estate brochures for Southern Virginia.  Not because I'm an agent, but because Laurie has requested endlessly that we consider Southern Virginia VERY strongly when/if we choose a place to settle down.  This might be a shot in the dark, but I bet it's probably because that's where she lives. :-)  Also, there are pictures of one of our family's crab feasts with the silly people I adore, and included in the picture package were also pictures of the leaves from last fall.  That would be her showing me the people I love more than anything AND showing me how pretty the season is that I miss the most. 

Great job on the making me want to come home for a visit!  There was also a bee key chain that says "bee yourself" through a bee picture.  She nailed me.  Laurie, I love you and miss you a ton!  Thanks for being not only a cousin, but a best friend no matter how many miles are between us. 

And to all of you out there who are true friends, (and family).... If I don't say it enough... MAHALO for being you and all that you do.  MWAH!!!

Queen B.

P.S. I have lots of photoshoots happening... More "sneak peak" picture blogs coming SOON! :-)

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