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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sneak Peek! Brian and Becky Engagement Shoot

About two weeks ago, I was showing a real estate client of mine, (and friend), a condo.  I arrived early and decided to go in to talk to the agent who was the owner and happened to be holding an open house that day.  After about thirty minutes, I felt like I could have known her my whole life.  Kaye is easy to admire and became an instant friend.  She told me her daughter had been living in that condo, but is getting married so they got a new place together, (hence her selling it).  A few days later, she called and mentioned me doing their engagement photos at a party they were having with some friends in celebration.  I was ecstatic!  My friend is buying their condo and I got to meet Kaye's amazing family and take pictures.  WIN WIN!  Come to find out later; her daughter's fiance, Brian, is from thirty minutes away from where I am "originally" from in Maryland.  We all may live on a rock in the middle of the Pacific, but this is still a small world after all.

Upon first meeting Becky, she tells me she's nervous and anxious.  Am I really that scary? =)  She said that she's, and I quote, "Not Photogenic".  I'll never let her live that statement down.  Becky, your smile lights up a room and you ARE VERY photogenic.  The love she and Brian share is enough to take your breath away.  They didn't even have to try to smile because they just couldn't help but to do so each time they looked at each other.  What a beautiful love they share.  Seven years dating... An eternity in the making.  My hugs and happiness to you both.  Enjoy your wedding in Lanai and your happily every after. =)
"Queen B."

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