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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sneak Peek! The Romeo Family... All 30 of Them!

I got a call from Diane last week about a photo shoot of her family while they are here on Maui celebrating their parents/grandparents anniversary.  30 people, 2pm (direct sunlight), with only an hour to spare before their luau.  I explained to her the many challenges of this from a photographers point of view; (squinting, shadows, timing, etc), but she was so sweet and still wanted to give it a go.  I'm so happy I did.  Not only was this family super sweet, but they are all gorgeous! 

By far, they were my biggest challenge yet by group size, but what troopers they all were.  Even the children were on there best behavior.  Going through these pictures was such a pleasure because I could just see how much they all love one another.  Thank you Diane and Family for letting me be part of such a special trip.  Safe journeys back to California and come see us on Maui again soon! =) 


  1. Great Job, Danielle! You overcame the challenge quite nicely!

  2. Thank you Vika! It definitely helps when you have a great group too. I love your website! Great work! XO

  3. They turned out fantastic. Awesome job, Danielle. Thanks for your patience!!

  4. Entrusting you with this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to capture our parents' 50th anniversary was a 100% perfect choice! My first instincts about you paid off huge! You were above and beyond my expectations...and I had high expectations from the get-go. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  5. HOLY MOLY!! You are an amazing photographer Danielle! Every time you do a shoot your skills amaze me! I hope to see you in the next 100 hours ; ). xoxo!!!! Get those knitting fingers ready!

  6. Dominic- It was truly my pleasure! You are a great group.

    Diane- You are VERY welcome! I am seriously touched by your message. Your family is one in a million. I hope you all keep in touch. Hugs from Maui!

    Elise- Thanks pretty lady! I am SO EXCITED to see you!!! Knitting fingers are ready... how are your guitar playin' fingers? ;)


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