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Monday, June 20, 2011

Has Anyone Seen My Tastebuds?

A big thanks to my sister for the pictures
of my adorable nephew, Warren.  Also
for the Queen B. coloring book page
they colored for me.  Lots of smiles
everyday from these!
With a question like that, you probably think I need a therapist.  And when you think of a therapist, you probably envision a person with reading glasses and a notepad listening while you sit on a comfy couch pouring your heart out.  When I think of therapy, three things come to mind; The water, the dirt, and my kitchen.  Let's talk about the last one for a minute...

My kitchen is my special place... Chopping, stirring, mixing, blending; it's all meditation for me.  Looking at my ever changing fridge decorations makes me smile every morning when I go to grab my almond milk.  I come from an entire family of "homemade" chefs.  From my "Crock Pot Creations" Dad, to my "BBQ and Bread Master" Uncle Mark, to my "Baker" cousin Becca, to the memories of my "Breakfast Genius" Grandad; this list of extraordinary "from scratch" family chefs goes the whole way through the family tree.  There's no wonder that as a little girl I got an Easy Bake Oven for Christmas.  I loved that thing, but in all honesty, we all know the food was the equivalent of edible Play-Do.  Don't worry, I've graduated since then.

Recently I have been LOVING eating a raw diet.  (I can see your face crinkling with disgust), but hear me out.  After years of digestive problems, (don't get grossed out; we're all adults here); I took matters into my own hands, (or my own kitchen I guess you could say).  The disgusting medicines doctors were giving me were extremely painful and not a permanent solution.  I was raw the whole month of January and never felt better; and now the month of June too. 

In one day I made lemonade, tomato
bisque, stir fry sauce, and the asparagus
pesto in my Vitamix.  Can't live without it!

I get asked, "Isn't it hard cooking for people and eating raw?".  For me, (as long as I'm not cooking for a lot of people), it's very simple.  The dishes I make in this house can be eaten raw and cooked, making it a cinch to just throw the guys food in the cast iron pan, and mine into a bowl.  For instance; this stir fry I made last night with carrots, green beans (from our garden), garlic, snow peas, onion, ginger (that looks like a monstrous hand from one of the damned pirates in Pirates of the Caribbean), julienned asparagus, purple cabbage, Hawaiian chili pepper (also from the garden), tamari, sesame oil (not raw), and honey was AMAZING, (both ways according to Tommy).  I blend the sauce liquids with the ginger, garlic, and honey in my Vitamix, (which I use 4+ times a day), and then just dump it on top.  DIVINE!

As for this search for my taste buds... It has to do with this creation I made yesterday.  Even if you think it sounds gross, please just give it a whirl and then you can make fun of me all day long in the comments section if you hated it.  I could have eaten every bite and made myself ill, it was that good.  Here's the recipe:

*Drooling right now looking at the picture*
Raw Asparagus Pesto

  • 2 1/2 Cups Asparagus
  • 4 LARGE Cloves Garlic (or 6 small)
  • 1 Cup Olive Oil
  • 1 Cup Macadamia Nuts
  • Salt (Be your own judge).
*Blend until smooth.  Serve Cold.  (I ate mine on portobello mushroom slices, but if you are not raw, crackers or tortilla chips would be yummy).

Oh, and don't worry, I found my taste buds, they just took a mini vacation and died and went to heaven after this pesto. =]  They're back now and ready to make more Rawsome kitchen creations. 

If you do try, please leave me a little comment below and let me know what you think! 

All scraps go to our happy worm family. =)  We feed them, and
then essentially they feed us with the nutrients they add to
our soil, garden, and eventually our veggies.

While I'm cooking, this is what Lono Boy does.  Ruff life for this dude!
**Click on Pictures to Enlarge**

My raw curry is out of this world too!  Message me if you would like the recipe. 
By the way, yesterday's meal was prepared in very special shoes... Elise's Cowboy Boots, OF COURSE! 

 Love and Aloha,
~QB~ =)

Side Note: Just Some of the Benefits of Eating Raw

1. Cooked food loses 90% of its vitamins and minerals and close to 100% of it's natural enzymes. 
Eating raw, you get ALL your nutrients!

2. An insane amount of energy.  I'm not even kidding.  After my stir fry yesterday, I could literally SEE clearer.  Lethargy a lot of times comes from the foods we eat.  You'll get better sleep too!

3. Natural weight loss.  Cooked food is much harder for your body to digest; one of the reasons we gain weight so easily.  With raw foods, your body digests easier.  Even "fatty" raw foods, like avocados and nuts don't have a negative affect. I notice a healthy weight loss when I eat raw, though not the reason I do so.

4. More regularity. You should naturally have around two to three BM's a day. If you’re going less than
that, it probably means your intestines are unhealthily clogged. A raw diet gives you more than enough fiber to keep you regular.

5. Eat as much as you want.  What's not to love about that? You wont believe how full you will get!


  1. I will try the asparagus pesto! I love asparagus and sounds like a no-rainer to me...will have to substitute the macadamia nuts for something else..too expensive here!
    Oh, we bought a green house that was on sale recently! Can't wait to get it put together and start growing things...we could potentially have fresh veggies ALL winter...especially tomatoes!!!

  2. Oh Karen, You will just love this! Use parmesan cheese in place of macadamia nuts and salt, (about 1/3 cup less). That's what the salt and mac nuts is "replacing". Let me know what you think! I can't wait to see your green house! Take lots of pics and maybe we can garden together someday soon. :)

  3. Slight correction: Those beautiful boots saw miles and miles and many crazy adventures before they ever saw Elise's sweet little feet!!!!

  4. Great blog D~shiz... Keep the recipes a-comin'! I'll definitely try that asparagus pesto this week, it sounds delicious. May skimp on the salt and see if it tastes as good, I've been eliminating as much added salt and meat from my diet as possible lately and I feel great. Haven't gone completely raw yet, but I've been juicing raw veggies & fruits every day for the past 3.5 months and think it's the most ENERGIZING BOOST EVER!! I get excited just thinking about it! :)

  5. Leslie! How wonderful to connect with you in the "blog" world! :) I can't wait to sit in Texas and talk story with you and Elise about all the wonderful places those boots have been. Today I wore them to a horse farm photo shoot. Very appropriate! :) I've got one year to make a lot of awesome memories in them. I love your blog too! Just checked out some of your recipes and you are awesome!

    G'Wiz- Juicing and smoothies and all the deliciousness of this world is almost two much for two great friends to handle, eh? But I think we got it covered, (our bellies do anyways)! ;) I hear mixed things about salt. I just can't decide what to believe yet. If you find any good material on it, please send it my way. Miss you pretty lady! XO


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