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Sunday, June 5, 2011

These Boots Were Made For Walkin'...

and that's what they just did, but they are about to do so much more!  My dear friend Elise has been in Maui for a visit for the past 3 weeks and left just a few days back.  We determined quite some time ago, (when we first met practically), that we are indeed "sole sistas".  Not soul, but sole... That was decided by our eternal wanderlust and the fact that we've both traveled extensively for being in our 20's.  Elise and I are constantly dreaming up trips we'd like to take and adventures we'd like to embark on. 

Day 1- Hiking
Tommy took this, but missed the
concept of getting the boots in the
picture I think. I swear I'm wearing
em' though! =)

The sisterhood comes from our similarity.  It is truly uncanny how alike we are; from art, photography, vision boards, bucket lists, health foods, a passion for the outdoors, and much more; we share something in life that makes friendship special; PASSION.  That passion had us knocking things off of our bucket lists when we weren't surfing or painting or playing in the May sunshine.  She taught me to knit and I taught her guitar, which led to many a jam session.

Elise also knocked one thing off my list that I was not expecting.... Cowboy boots.  Maybe that sounds easy enough, but I don't know the first thing about cowboy boots... Where to get them?  What to wear them with?  What to do in them?  I just knew that I wanted to play my guitar, (or hopefully a banjo in the future), and foot-stomp in a pair of cowboy boots.  She went to Kauai to get some of her belongings, and when she got back she told me she had a speech to give me with a gift.  I had to clench my toes and fists to keep from river dancing... she handed me her much loved and well used cowboy boots.  I was not surprised when they fit me like I had got them custom made just for me, (just another reason we're sole sistas I reckon!).  The things she's done in those boots are amazing, (and I hope to tell you more about those things in another blog)! 

We had some laugh until we cried moments thinking up all the things I could do in her boots.  I told her I'd take pictures everywhere I take them, which leads me to where I go beyond the walkin' and into the extreme.  I've decided to kick my fear of the unknown and rock those boots in as many ways as I can.  This year I would like to have done at least 150 amazing things in Elise's boots, which means I will be doing something awesome at least once every 3 days.  I want to give them back to her with stories upon stories, pictures and memories included. 

Here's a peak at some of my "Adventure's in Elise's Boots" list so far from my journal....

1. Play Guitar (Obviously!)
A picture from our hike.  We went on a
secluded 4wd road past Kahakuloa.  No
one there... Miles back in the
wilderness with outstanding views!
2. Surf (We both came up with this one... How bout a tasseled bikini to make it complete?) ;-)
3. Horseback ride
4. Go underwater (Submarine?)
5. Skydive (Bungeed, but never have sky-dived)
6. Play a banjo and FOOT STOMP!
7. Karaoke a country song
8. Ride a mechanical bull, (Or maybe a real one!).
9. Wear nothing but... (Can you say, CENSOR?) hehe.
10. Play Harmonica
11. Knit a scarf
12. Hitch hike (I'm a pro at this)
13. Go to a bluegrass concert.
14. Line dance (That will be laughable I'm sure...)
15. Jump in rain puddles.
16. Go for a hike. (This is my 1st accomplishment with the blisters to prove it!) ;-)

I'm looking for the right pair of shoes for her... then we'll be official sole sistas! =]

What else to add to the list?  I would love your ideas!  I will be posting pics as I accomplish my list and if I do something in those boots that you inspired me to do... You get full credit for it my friends. :-) 

So I reckon you could say a pair of boots and a beautiful friend inspired me to live my life more to the fullest... What inspires you?

Two of my best buds.  Lono and Elise at our painting party, (another blog's worth of good times!).

And did I mention that Elise is a fabulous surf artist?  Check this girl out!

Love and Aloha,

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