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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Black Sand to Hana Bay Hike

And we're off!

So here's the sequel to yesterday's blog... The 3 something mile hike to Hana Bay from Waianapana (Black Sand Beach), was mesmerizing.  The 3 mile walk on the road back was nice too; but the lava cliffs, gray rock formations that seemed to come from acid battles, and the sound of waves crashing along the faces along the "trail" had me stopping to just breath it in.  Not a soul the entire time except at the bottom of one dirt road where a family was fishing with lines reaching over 100 feet down into the ocean.  I can't believe the money people pay when visiting here to just stand next to 40 other people looking at the same thing, hearing each other chitter chatter, while tuning into an over enthusiastic tour guide; when they can FEEL and SEE and truly EXPERIENCE the real Maui at it's best in all it's solitude. 

Just sayin...  ;-]

*You know what to do, click on the pic if you want to enlarge it*

The beginning of the trail...

An endless sea of vibrant greens, heavy blacks, and ocean blues...

We came across this fishing hut along the way.  Fully equipped
with bunks and a lava rock wall to protect the make shift grill,
we are half considering bringing some blankets to stay there the
next time we are in Hana.
Around this bay and we've arrived
 at our destination. =]
Yep, we do all our hiking in flops or bare. 
Lono is just like a child... He likes walking
along the walls. =)

We took the road back because the lava was heating
up and we didn't want to hurt Lono's paws.  Plus,
new scenery is always nice.  We scored when we
found this mountain apple tree whose fruit was
dropping to waste.  Delicious!

So, all in all, a wonderful Independence Day weekend for the Honeybee's.  The 4th itself, Tommy worked all day, and I caught up on my own work, (including updating my friends, family, and blog fans with some new material).  Sorry for slacking on you guys, but know that I love ya! =]

Q.B. =]

P.S. Please tell me about your 4th of July weekend and Monday in the comment box below.  I would love to hear what goodness you got into!

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