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Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Independence Day!

Both these guys love a good road trip. =]
I hope all of you are sharing laughter, hugs, food, and fireworks with your friends and loved ones today, (or this weekend for those of you who work today).  In celebration, (since we can't be with family), Tommy and I both had off this weekend, and I have a "Maui Bucket List" that needed tending too.  There is a 3+ mile trail, (6.5ish round trip), that takes you from Black Sand Beach (Waianapana) to Hana Bay via lava cliffs along the oceans edge.  I'm not going to talk about that hike today though since there's too much that came before knocking that beauty of my list, and far too many pictures to cram into one blog.  =]

Kaupo is desolation at its best.
So we decided to be rebels and drive "backwards" around to Hana, starting going through Kaupo driving on the cliff's edge.  This road is one where rental cars are forbidden, just like where we live, (so to us it doesn't seem so rebellious since we drive the winding cliff side back roads daily).  Tommy's always trying to find somewhere to hunt, so he was scoping the whole way while I took lots of pictures and asked for frequent stops to explore.  Here are some of our highlights on our way to Hana...

*Clicking on images will enlarge.*

The Dude-O's chillin' at one of our scenic pit stops.

I saw a ceremonial spot out of the corner of my eye on our drive, (it was literally a split second of a view from the road).  I asked Tommy to pull over and we hiked down.  What a glorious view from there and I definitely see why they chose this sacred spot.

The church here seems abandoned.  Surrounded by nothing but kiawe bushes and dry pastures, you can't even imagine it to be used at all.  I peeked inside and was surprised to see that it was very updated and well kept.  Recently used plastic cutlery and crock pots painted a completely different picture from it's lonely exterior.

Winding around the secluded cliffs.

Once reaching the lush Kipahulu, we decided to check out this fruit stand.  I had read bad things about it being a tourist trap due to its "Bicycle Powered Blender" that you make your own smoothie with, (granted, that's a genius concept!).  Although the bicycle may be a little fetched way to get people in, they offered a unique offering of fruits and veggies, and even a lovely salad that is tossed with edible flowers all grown right there on the farm.

Heading in, you spot the bicycle in this little fruit shack.

Things you can't find at any other fruit stand I've seen on Maui graced their shelves.  From Cacao, to 3 varieties of lillikoi, (including the Jamaican, which is one of my FAVES!); I was impressed to say the least.  They even had taro, which I can't find anywhere!  For those of you who think that the tasteless poi you get at Luau's is a good reflection of taro... You couldn't be more wrong.  I don't care for poi, but I LOVE taro when used like a potato.

We cruised down to Charles Lindbergh's grave sight where we've been before.  I like to go there to see these horses, and also for the stellar view from inside the park.

By the time we were almost to our campground, we were getting pretty hungry.  I've been eating primarily raw, but when we eat out, (which isn't often), I let loose!  This place is new, (about 3 months old), and has organic Thai food.  I felt like I was cheating on Kak, (my go to girl for grinds on the road to Hana), but we weren't going to be passing her tonight, so we gave this place a shot. 

HOLY MOLY, we were astounded!  For $17 we were stuffed AND needed a to go box for a whole other meal to take with us.  And to think that we only ordered ONE serving of curry and veggie rolls to share!  Seriously, I will eat here again and again.  The food is a 10 and the jungle setting and the little owners dogs at your feet is an experience not to be missed.  Everything is outdoors and we were the only ones there.  We even watched as horses trotted by.  I'm seriously getting hungry typing about this place. ;-)  As for a name?  Organic Thai Food as far as I could tell.  Their farm seemed to be called, Hoonanea Farm.

So, stay tuned for the next blog and pictures showing that crazy and spectacular hike along the lava cliffs.  Again, I hope you are all having a safe and spectacular 4th of July with your loved ones!

Love and Aloha,

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