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Friday, August 12, 2011

Introducing My "Honor" Fruit Stand...Stop on By!!!

So this all started when I got upset with everyone who just lets their papaya's rot on the trees, their citrus drop hundreds to the ground to go to waste, or their avocado's turn to smooshy inedible grossness... and here I am, paying for IMPORTED groceries at ridiculous prices; $1.50 an orange, $3 avo's and papayas, all which are coming from Costa Rica and even Florida when our island could easily be supporting itself if people would just, well... go back to sharing and trading.  So I first started pondering making a website... and this is what I have built so far for free:

But I'm not so "tech savvy", and I'm at a stand still until my web genius buddy Kevin makes his way back to the islands to give me a boost.  However, Tommy and I did decide to do something about our own abundance... We decided to build an honor system stand!  Honor systems are quite common in Hawaii.  The stand is unattended and people just take what they want and put the money in a box.  I love a concept based on TRUST!  We did have one glitch though; I knew, (like every other project involving power tools), that Tommy would take over the whole thing and I would be left... well... painting.  Don't get me wrong, I enjoy painting to a certain extent; but my Dad didn't raise me to stand around looking pretty.  He raised me replacing drywall, insulation, installing electrical outlets, changing oil, head gaskets, tires, USING power tools, and even gave both Tommy and I a great lesson in welding.  So I must say that I've learned that part of being a wife is "letting" your husband do the dirty, greasy, power tooly things... Needless to say, we've fought over who does their own oil changes more than once.

So I do stand back for most things now because, believe it or not, I get the whole pride thing... but I REALLY wanted to do this fruit stand all by myself... Kind of a small regain of independence and even just to see if I still had it in me after keeping my hands nice and tidy over the stove, and in the kitchen sink for what seems like way too long.  So with a little, (A LOT), of begging, Tommy finally agreed to give me this one project.  You can't even understand how much it meant to me and I took it very seriously; spending my days off and even days that I worked 10 hours working on that damn stand.  So, my mission was to make it as "free"as possible with recycled materials.  So I took the floor joyce's we took out of under our house from our "mold removal" project and created it solely from those and a piece of board we had lying around.  Even the paint was all leftovers that I found myself running out of, and changing colors constantly.  All in all I spent $12.00 on just hinges and 3" screws to make this baby.  We've already made that back in just the 3 days we've had it up.  Woo hoo!  So I now present to you... Queen B's Fruit Stand.  What do you think?

Lono sure was a cute helper! :-) Floor joyce's coming together to create
a place for delicious goodness. ;)

Now for the recycled paint!

And now to create the sign for the stand.  I love my painting table for a large
number of reasons. (Location, view, beer... and see company below...)

Atleast they admire my painting! =]

The stand all put together, but not placed by the road yet.


My super sweet, (and also green thumbed neighbors), Danette
and daughter, Jamie Lee, checking out the fruit stand.
Seriously, How cute are they? =]


And when we meet again, I hope to have my photoshoot of my special gift!  I hope you are as stoked as I am... And I will give you one hint... and you can go ahead and guess if you'd like... but right now... I'm FOOT STOMPIN'!!! =]


  1. So I first read about these honor stands in one of your previous posts, but I just love this idea. And I love that you are so handy--your honor stand is awesome. I checked out the new website and although I don't live in Maui, I really hope your idea takes off and catches on in other places, too. I seem to always have something leftover or something that I can't use fast enough and would definitely take advantage of this system instead of letting things waste. Admittedly, I'm the type who will approach and offer things (once a carton of eggs, another time a cooler, another, bananas) to total strangers, but your idea directly connects the supply with the demand. (Which would cut down on the "who is this crazy person?" looks from unsuspecting strangers). Awesome idea and even more awesome that you followed through with it.
    Best Wishes,
    Jessica Royal Mahoney

  2. Aloha Jessica,
    Thank you so much for your encouragement! Sometimes it feels like I have a plethora of great ideas that will never take off, (and I'm an optimist!), but your support is much appreciated and encouraging. If we really could give and receive from our neighbors without those crazy "Why?" looks on their faces; what a great thing that would be! To focus on working together to sustain ourselves as a community instead of depending on big box stores and imported goods... I could go on all day. =] Anyways, thank you again and thanks for reading. And just so you know, (which I know you already DO know), your son is one handsome little dude-o. I love looking at your pics... He's growing up SO FAST. Have a beautiful day!

    Love and Aloha,
    Danielle (Q.B.)

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