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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My Life as a Photographer Has Forever Changed...

Sunday was the final ceremony to conclude the Maui Photo Festival and Workshops.  Since then, I have been a blabbering fool who can't seem to shut up about the whole experience.... (So much so that I went to a coffee shop to get internet just to blabber a little more about it now in my blog).  Most people don't realize that I have had zero schooling in photography, besides a few monotone youtube videos to understand the "functions" of my camera and a couple of questions to those more experienced then me.  Attending this festival was my first "REAL learning experience"; and I walked into that place with very little sleep after four solid 10-12 hour long days of work; yet I was pumped and awakened by a desire and eagerness to learn.  Three solid days of classes and those instructors changed my life forever...

Now just a few things I loved about the festival were this...

1) Each teacher taught completely different, allowing you to choose your own vices and individuality.  They didn't teach you how to be a photographer, but more so guided you to find yourself as a photographer. 
2) I got to watch 6 spectacular ladies hula dance and take pictures for a mere $10. (Ever been to a luau?... It's quite a few pennies more). 
3) I got to play with food. 

And the BIG news that I must brag just a little about, (since compared to most I could easily be considered a beginner by the magnitudes of incredible and seasoned photographers in attendance).... Was that at the final Awards Ceremony I received runner up for the Best Hula shot, (one of the main events of the festival)!  I got a sweet camera bag out of the deal; but even more, I gained a confidence in myself and my photography that was the main thing I hoped to walk away with from this experience.  A giant "MAHALO" to the instructors, the models, the volunteers, the sponsor's, the classmates, and everyone who created and was involved with this event.  Here are some images from my time there... Can you guess which one won? 

***Click on images to enlarge***

Love and Aloha,
   Danielle Hattori

***Please respect that these images are private property and will be copyrighted.  If you would like to use these images for any reason, feel free to email me @  =]


  1. YOU. ARE. AMAZING. so so so proud of you Danielle! Please call me soon to tell me all about it!!! I miss you so. :)

  2. WOW WOW WOW!! All of those shots are winners! AMAZING PHOTO SKILLS GIRL!! I'm jealous! ;)
    Great job! I can't wait until you can take some pics with me!

  3. Congrats! I guess the one you started the blog with :) Always great seeing you and your great photos...

  4. Elise- We have to catch up PRONTO! I love the new paint job by the way... very funky and super awesome... Like you and John both! Our internets been down, but I am dying to catch up ASAP! XOXOXO
    Kristina- Sista, I was so stoked for you to see this, you have no idea. I'm glad you saw it and read it... my night is made as I steal internet, (shhhh...) Haha! Love you muchas muchas and can't wait til' we get to have photo excursions together as sisters! Love you to the moon with peanut butter on it!!! Give my brosiff, nephew, and nephdog and neicdog a big smoocher for me... and hug yourself of course! :)
    Mike- Awesome seeing you as always! :) It was actually the sepia toned one, (just the girls hand in focus). I personally thought I didn't stand a chance, but the MPF gave me the confidence and boost I needed, and my life is, (as stated), forever changed... I hope to attend next years as well. Did you have fun for your Fri. and Sat. courses

  5. There's no rule on where to learn something, right. So there's nothing to be worried about if you only learned taking photographs by watching video tutorials on the internet. I might say that you're a genius to make such awesome work like these. I hope you find yourself more on this profession. And when you have the budget, you could buy high end cameras and different lenses to make your work even more professional.

    1. Mahalo Isabelle! And I'm just a few weeks away from having a baby girl too so I know I wont be running out of inspiration anytime soon! I appreciate your words of encouragement and plan to continue on with my photography and writing still with no "official" classroom education. Hands on experience has always been what works for me! :)


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