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Friday, September 2, 2011

"Say Hello to My Little Hen(s)"...

That's not a reflection... Those are three more chickens
on the other side!  They actually have separated themselves
in to packs of 3, (Unusually segregated by color). 
They peck at the one's from opposite sides
if they try to eat with their group.
Yesterday went like this...

I got off of work at about 12:45pm.  I got home, made a french press of coffee to gain some much needed drive and alertness.  Tommy and I sat down to discuss what we were going to do with our evening... Either he was going hunting and I was going to work on my book/photo projects... Or we'd do something fun together... I mentioned going to the arcade a couple of times. =]  As we sat and thought our day out, our conversations always slip back to our mini farm and the to do list there.  Tommy says, "We need chickens".. something we've discussed frequently over the past year... I said, "They need to be laying now." 

So we went to the computer, hopped on Craigslist, found 6 mature, egg laying, Rhode Island Reds for sale with coupe... And the next thing you know we are driving home with a massive pen of chickens in the back of the truck, (passing our neighbor, Robert De Niro, on the way.... No lie). 

The people we got them from, (Joe and Malia), where an amazing local family of five who were moving.  When I noticed their taro, I exclaimed that bo loong was the absolute best and we talked story on some of the recipes we have all tried... And so when we came back to pick up the feed and bedding; sure enough, there were about 8 taro plants waiting for us.  I will be taking them an egg and fruit basket for sure to thank them once again for their generosity. 

So the ladies have to stay in their pen for just today so they get use to their new location... and then they will be free range, helping to eliminate the nasty centipedes that sting and hurt like the dickens.  Lono is doing well with the new addition and has just been curious, but not aggressive.  From having worked on free range farms before, while cleaning around the house I hear a familiar sound... The loud beautiful song a lady makes when she's boasting about what's she just accomplished... She's layed an egg.  I dropped everything, ran to the pen, opened the nesting hatch... and sure enough... 3 eggs were waiting for me.  I know you may not think eggs are exciting but I was GLEAMING with joy and pride of our girls.  I stroked their backs and gave them a little feed to hold them over until dinner; took a few pictures; and then... as if to mock my happiness; set the eggs inside just to have one roll off onto the floor and break.  I'm wondering if "Break an Egg" is a phrase somewhere in the world; or a superstitious curse like breaking a mirror?  Either way, it's bound to happen a few times I'm sure. 

So to all of you on Maui who love eggs; we'd love to bring bartering back.  Eggs, bananas, lilikoi, lettuce, and lots of herbs are just a few of the things we have to offer.  OH, and thank you to our neighbors, Ronnie and Joseph, who made moving that heavy a$$ pen even possible.... and of course the best roommate ever, KYLE, for all your help and... well... for just being the best roommate ever! =] Eggs coming your way guys!

Now to name them... Any chicken name suggestions?

We have a few rows of coffee and citrus
trees and a then lot of wasted space. That's
where the girls went, and we even gave
them a nice ocean view.

Happy Farming!

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