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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Where I've Been Hiding....

Besides the fact that I'm on an island in the middle of the Pacific, it feels like I've been in ultimate seclusion due to my lacking internet for awhile during my move to the West side.  But guess what folks?  I'm back and ready to catch up with all my favorite people.  Not to bombard you with pictures, but it's the easiest way to catch up I reckon... So here's where I've been hiding and what I've been up too over the past few months... Another blog with more pics to follow soon....  =)

Nothing quite like a rainbow and a sunset all in one view... (Poli Poli, Maui)

A new favorite surf spot on the west side... S' Turns at sunset... (Look hard
and you can see the surfers).

Met this lady at the beach, (Ukemehame, Maui).  She doesn't have a name, but a volunteer was
around and said her name was "C167" or some # like that.  I think she needs a "real" name...

Maybe Poli like Poli Poli or Rolly Polly... I like that name... :)

Sunset, Poli Poli.

Howdy There! :-)

Stopped by to visit a farm and all its sweet critters. P.S. I love baby piglets! Lahaina, HI

Playing a special instrument I got from my amazing brother and sister that I've
been needing to do a photo shoot with so I can blog about it.  Can you tell
what it is by the tabs I'm working on?

Chasing rainbows on the west side, (near "Windmills", Maui).

Not as dangerous as it looks. ;-)

That's a nice boot!  I wonder where the other one is?

Trail Advisory... YIKES!  I think Lono and I will skip this hike....
 (Click on image to enlarge). 

"Ku"  Hanging out for a hike at sunset.

More to come folks... I sure do miss ya'll!

Love and Aloha,

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  1. Great pics as always!! Nice to see some blogs again about your adventures! I bet I can guess what instrument your playing ;)

    Can't wait to have some adventures with you soon!
    LOVE YA!


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