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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Adventure 6: Back to Maui... Tattoos, Camping, and Marriage?

I forgot to tell you all before that I knocked something else off the ole' bucket list, (or am "knocking" it off).  I got my tattoo started, (it's currently a half sleeve but the inside is not done yet).  I drew up the concept 4+ years ago and finally having all the abilities to do what "I" want with my life, I sat down in the parlor chair starting in March.  4 visits at 5 hours each time, I am in a hurry to finish it up.  It is like a self portrait without actually being me.  There is a mermaid to signify my love of and abilities in the water.  The mermaid is playing a guitar/ukulele, (because I play and for my love of music).  The world at her hip and compass rose top bursting out of the top of her hair are for my experience and love of travel.  On the inside of my arm is an incomplete Lono Mono... There will never be a greater dog in my life, I'm sure of it.  Around him will continue a rock/ocean scene.  I can't wait to have it finished.

J & J Wine, Sonoma, CA

Now upon our INSANE 21+ hour trip from airport to train to bus to airport, Lono and I arrived on Oahu, (where Jun met us because there were so many flight complications and it appeared we may have to spend the night there).  We luckily got to leave and head straight home to Maui where we celebrated being together again with this lovely bottle of wine from my friend's, (John from San Francisco)'s, own wine that he gave me during my visit with him.  Delish!  

I need to just give you a brief but shocking summary of the days and months to follow... the pictures below were all but just 2 or 3 taken with my iPhone since my camera was out of commission for a while after the DC Chili Cook Off...

The inside of the tattoo unfinished...

We spent 2 week off work together... hiking, camping and
re-exploring Maui.  Here we found a wild tomato plant
growing literally in the middle of nowhere on a cliff in
a special place we like to call "Ireland" and to locals
is known as "Menehune Land".  I guess the only
explanation is, "birds poop too".

Having all the boys back in my life in Maui... Happiness
is the little moments when your heart melts and you
 just love them for existing... So I took a picture
when they weren't looking, (well Koa was).

Camping in the secluded and beautiful, (yet dry), side.  This
is in Kaupo at a place called "Kiawe's" due to its mass of
thorny Kiawe bushes that scatter the ground and will come
straight up through your slippahs and make you hop around
like a one legged pirate, screaming and cursing... BUT on the
brighter side, it is renowned for the flavor it adds to
bar-b-que and it makes great campfire wood.

These are "opihi" that we picked off along the rocky shoreline
by our campsite.  We cooked them up with some butter
and salt and they made EXCELLENT "pupu's" to go
with our beer.

Back at our place in Kahana on the west side, relaxing to
cups of coffee and a brilliant rainbow.  I love these moments!

Camping yet again in Kipahulu... way more tropical
and with excellent hikes and beaches all around... It
was a treasure to find this coco with the young
meat "ball" in the middle.  SO SOFT AND SWEET!

Um... kissing... Why not?  ;)

Here's your shocker... And my shocker too!  For Jun's birthday
we both went paragliding off of Haleakala.  It was a surprise
for him, but an even bigger surprise for me when he pulled
out a ring and asked me to marry him before we launched.
Without any doubt in my mind as he is my best friend and
treats me like no other ever has... with enormous amounts
of love, respect, gratitude, sincerity, laughter, and
just being the most honest man I've ever met..
I said "YES".
(Oh, and paragliding was WAY COOL too!).

His birthday dinner only took me all day... ;)

Making cheesecake requires visits to the tool box again...

But Jun wasn't the only one with a birthday that week...
Lono Mono turned 3!  (Which is 21 in dog years)!  They
share a birthday week and so do Koa and I in October.
He sure is something special...

Reality hits when you go back to work after two months
off... but honestly, I was pretty darn excited about it.
There's nothing like being welcomed back
with sweet little notes on your desk...

..And a jar of honey from one of my most awesomest
friends ever, Ariel.  Her parents raise bees in Kula
so this honey is FRESH!

So going back to work means LOTS of cups of coffee AND...

Taking priceless pictures of adorable patients AND...

Taking priceless pictures of not so happy bathing kitty cats AND...

Training little helpers AND...

Getting sweet messages on my coffee.  :)

Days off mean taking our boys out on adventures...

And returning the love notes while cooking dinner.  :)

Then Jun's sister, husband, and daughter came out for a visit!
I was happy to get to meet them before we got married.
We had a great time exploring the island.

We went up to the Ali'i Lavender farm in Kula and did a
treasure hunt... which you know this big kid was down
for the fun!

Then it was up to see the Manhattan sized crater and
FREEZE our tropical buns off...

And every Maui visitor must experience the glory of
a REAL shave ice. 

And then came the big day... we decided for it to just be
us and the dogs for our ceremony... because, after all,
a wedding is suppose to be about your love for
each other.  We had a brief wedding at a very special
place for us that we like to take the dogs... and
 then we went camping in Hana right after.

One of our groomsmen. :)

At least we got a couple pictures!  Such a beautiful, (and windy) day!

A butt grab for some comic relief in all the seriousness...

And if that wasn't enough of a shocker for you... The next blog has one more doosey... Stay tuned!

Love and Aloha,
Danielle  (Q.B.)


  1. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Love love love love. How are those pictures all so amazing? HOW? TELL ME HOW! I'm so happy I knew the surprises before they came, or I woulda been FREAKING OUT. I'm so happy you had wedding pictures, even if I wasn't invited! Love you/Miss you!

  2. Get to work on that next blog post, because if you consider the next one a "doozey" after this beautiful bombshell...I'm on the edge of my seat! I love your happy face.

  3. Congratulations, sweet Maui daughter! I am so happy that you are happy! Wonderful, wonderful news! Jun, welcome to the extended family! Lol
    Two trips to Maui, and I have yet to get a shave ice! :(. Boo!
    I saw the opihi on a travel/ cooking show...makes me want to be that fruit we ate with you!
    I LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Your tattoo! Beautiful, and meaningful....has me itching for more ink myself!
    Miss you like crazy...and Maui too!
    Huge hugs, lots of love and best wishes.

  4. Congratulations! Can't wait to

  5. AWESOME as always sista! The pictures are amazing! You do such great work on your writings and pictures, wish I was half as good as you are.
    I wonder what the doozey is??? ;)


  6. Yay, so nice to hear from you and see your beautiful photos! Nice to see my note made it into your story :). Miss you! Lisa

  7. Ariel- I can't tell you how... My phone holds all the answers to these questions you ask! ;) Love and miss you tons!

    Barb- Working on it right after this... I promise... just BE READY! And I love YOUR happy face... and all your pictures too! :)

    Karen- Thank you SO MUCH CALI MOMMA! You will definitely HAVE to HAVE shave ice the next time you come. Jun turned me on to it and it's an ADDICTION! I know the best place too, so come visit soon! And I will make you and Marty and the kids opihi and pick you all the lilikoi you can handle, (just to watch him try to eat it). HAHA! And thanks for liking the tattoo... I'm SO GLAD I did it... and that could easily become an addiction too... as you know. ;) I MISS AND LOVE YOU GUYS! Maybe we'll stop by Cali to see you all sometime next year. MWAH! :)

    Meagan- Thank you so much! This next one is going to get you... :) P.S. Jack is the CUTEST thing EVER and I just read that he said "mum"... Congrats!

    Sis- You know all my secrets... ;) Thank you for not only being my sis, but for being a fan of my schtuff I write and photograph... Your support means a TON and I love your comments... They keep me writing. Love ya to the moon!!!

    Lisa- Thank you! I was so tickled to get my note... I definitely felt the love. :) I miss you too! Hope to see you in Hana sometime in the near future! :)

  8. Genelle (a.k.a. G-whiz)November 28, 2012 at 2:34 PM

    I'll always admire your unparalleled love for life and sense of adventure... you are one amazing friend!! Your tattoo is beautiful and I couldn't have pictured anything that would fit you better.
    I've also realized several things while reading your blog:
    1. I want to make cheesecake with you, and the hammer is a must.
    2. Dogs look way hipper in birthday hats than people.
    3. My heart would melt to pieces if I could spend a day with you at work.
    4. Sexiest wedding dress I've ever seen... you rocked it girl!!
    5. I want to meet Jun.
    6. know. ;)

    Love you girl!!!

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