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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Adventure 16: Blue Jeans, Beer, Muscles, Milk and More

You've got to love sweet little successes and the package of small adventures that make life one BIG adventure.  For me, I've had a lot of miniature achievements with my hands half filled with a 9 lb. baby most of the time.  =)

We've made it as parents a whole month and I've yet to decide if time has flown or crept by as it's all kind of a blur and even unbelievable still at times.  But I'm not going to ramble on solely about parenting until my next post because I made a conscious decision that when I got pregnant I would not bombard everyone with JUST Reise all of the time.  My reasoning is that I feel a lot of people BECOME their children when they are born, (Facebook for example; profile picture, status updates, etc. no longer include themselves, just their kids).  I get that everyone adores and is proud of their child, (me included!), but I don't think people should lose their individuality by covering their whole live's with baby once their children are born, but instead including them as their own individual and as a beautiful addition to the family, (if that makes any sense at all?).  Enough with rambling opinions... Let's carry on, shall we?

Hands full of 9 lb. baby and jeans that fit= One happy Momma!

My first great/minor achievement is jeans.  I love jeans and I finally got up the nerve to try an old pair on the other day and was shocked that they fit considering my diet has been mediocre, (to put it mildly), these days, (i.e. primarily hard pretzels, peanut butter, and Roselani ice cream when I walk past the counter or fridge).  You've got to celebrate the little things in life, ya know?

Local and delicious... Heaven on Earth.

The second achievement on the list is beer... My first whole beer in 10 months as a matter of fact, and MAN did it taste GREAT!  Someone might have thought I was eating a decadent chocolate dessert at some 5 star restaurant with all the "Ooo's" and "Ahh's" that bubbly beverage was getting.  It was a gift from my friend, Safron, and her sweet family when they dropped by during their visit to Hana.  Along with the beer was an awesome little surfer outfit for Reise, (because we all know she's going to be female Kelly Slater, right?), and, (this one is awesome), a basketball because Napa had given them two and she thought maybe I would want it... Which is completely the coolest thing EVER considering every time Jun and I walk past the local courts I say, "We need to get a basketball"... I kid you not... Rock on Safron and familia... We loved seeing you guys!!!

Super genetics!  Or just a milk drunk...  :)

This is Reise's achievement... Weight gain and muscles.  She gained almost a pound in a week from primarily breast milk and now does full sit-ups, holds her pacifier, her bottle, and we're working on getting her to change her own diaper.  No such luck with that last one yet...

Speaking of milk, the next achievement has no picture, (you understand why I'm sure), but no more need for formula!  Right after my last post, the milk started flowing and the heartbreak has passed.  I appreciate the words of encouragement from fellow Momma's that I received in emails and messages!

Blood orange with ginger was our favorite so far.
Quite pretty too!  I take them to the beach on ice... Delish!

Up next, another bucket board pin DOWN... Yahtzee!  Say hello to my very own homemade continuous kombucha brew, (quite the blissful mouthful)!  This stuff is off the charts good... And dare I say, (with a little guilt because I like the owner so much), better than Maui Kombucha's.... Jun agrees, we've got the best kombucha right on tap!  If you like kombucha, I recommend giving being a home brewer a whirl.  I'm always here to help!

Yum yum in my tum tum... I could
be a rabbit in my next life if only they
ate peanut butter and ice cream...

And lastly, that garden I planted in the P's blog, (which if you missed it, you can see it HERE), is growing abundantly.  I took this picture of the blend of greens I harvested for a salad... Arugula is my favorite because I love the spiciness.

And my apologies for not using my REAL camera very much these days.  Those darn 
iPhones just make life too easy... I'll try to do better!

One of Jun's fellow officers dives and got this
ji-normous lobster on a night dive at the beach
right by our casa.  Super fresh and incredibly
delicious, (I'll have to take his word for it because
I can't even be around them since I'm allergic
 to shellfish).  This guy was in HEAVEN! :)

Kombucha brewing came down off the bucket board!!!
What shall I take off next???  The possibilities...

Safron and family dropped by to see us and meet baby
Reise and brought lots of fun stuff to play with! :)

She was super sleep smiley, so I snapped a shot.  :)

More of our chunker and her one month old skills...

And I just had to put this because it makes
me laugh... The ultimate poop push
or maybe cheering on the dogs
while they play?  She'll hate
me for these blogs later.  ;)

You know I love hearing from you!  Why don't you tell me one thing you would put or 
maybe even have on your bucket board???

Love and Hugs and Tons of Aloha,
Danielle (QB)

P.S. I forgot to mention that, (thanks to my fabulous husband), I've went for a run and a stand up paddle session recently.  I think he realizes that both of our lives are much easier
when I have a little sunshine and some ocean in my life.  ;)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Adventure 15: Heroes, Heartaches, Happiness, and a GIANT Knuckle Head!

Wow... Where to begin really?  So much can happen in just two short weeks.  Do you want the good or the bad news first?  Let's just go in order of the title, shall we?  Good, bad, good, and completely idiotic...

Heroes- (Good)

Proud wife alert...

Just a couple days before picking up Dad from the airport and having Reise immediately after, we had a doctors appointment on the "other side".  We made sure to schedule our visit to coincide with an award Jun and a few other officers were getting on the "other side" that same day, as two hours each direction on the winding Hana Highway is quite the journey.  Now this guy, (my dear sweet husband), basically has me thinking he's going to walk in some guys office and get handed a piece of paper with a gold star on it and do a hand shake and we'll be out of there quicker than you can say the alphabet.  I EVEN asked him if I should dress up, to which he replied, "Just wear whatever is fine, we'll be out of there fast".  Now luckily I'm a sensible woman and didn't listen, and at almost 39 weeks pregnant, I got very lucky and fit into one of my old, non-preggo dresses.  

So as we're waiting at the police station on the "other side" for some guy to shake his hand and hand him an award with a gold star quicker than I can say the alphabet, the lobby-like area we are waiting in starts having news crews and reporters filtering in and setting up around a podium.  Jun, cool as a cucumber, I see it is still no big deal to him while I'm secretly patting myself on the back for being a sensible woman and wearing a dress.  Then the side door opens and, (I kid you not), ALL of the high ranking officers in Maui come out of this meeting room, (about 40 of them), and get in position for the CEREMONY.  I would have been upset about him down playing it so much, but I was too amazed and proud... and I honestly think he probably thought it would be a quick pat on the back, hand shake, and a piece of paper with a gold star.

He got the Silver Medal of Valor for saving a woman and a newborn from a house fire.  My brother also recently received a Medal of Valor, (the first given in his department EVER), for taking down a shooter that had opened fire on other officers.  I have a lot of heroes to be proud of these days... And like I told Jun on the way to the ceremony, (and this goes for my brother too), no matter what awards he does or does not receive, it is important for him to know that everyday he puts on his uniform and lays his life on the line, he is a hero to me and the badge he wears is his medal.  I know Reise will feel the same about her daddy.  If you would like to check out the whole story, you can see the news articles and videos on these sites:

Getting interviewed... Such a stud... ;)
Me sneaking pics with my phone of the
newspaper peeps interviewing him.
And judging by this picture, it looks like he might
already be a hero in his daughters eyes.
*My heart is a puddle of love goo.*

Heartaches- (Bad)

I've already discovered the hardest part of being a parent... Heartaches.  Like wanting what is best for your child and not being able to provide it, or just hoping that you can keep them safe and out of harms way.  Just two weeks after her birth at her two week check up, Reise gave me my very first heartache.  

I have been breastfeeding and it was seeming to be an all day event.  I tried the electric pumps with no luck and on the day of her appointment, I found that the hand pump actually worked for me.  When she weighed in, we were FREAKED to see the scale read 6 lb. 4 oz..  I mean she was feeding ALL DAY LONG... How could that be?!  The Pediatrician said that it was fine, but that we would need to supplement formula every other feeding.  I tried to fight it, but like Jun said, what's worse... formula or being hungry and underfed?  When we got home I read the formula container which basically reads like a muscle mass drink for body builders, (milk solids, whey protein, oils, etc.).  Jun could see my pain and disappointment and when we tried to talk about it, I just burst into tears.  I felt as though I could not provide her with what is best for her... my heart was completely broken.  

So Jun feeds her formula once or twice a day, (only when I have nothing left to offer), and I have become a hand-pumping maniac trying to get my production up.  It's working, (she's gained TWELVE OUNCES in less than a week!!!), and I bet that I could now beat the pants off of anyone on those "Test Your Strength" hand grip games at arcades and fairs.  :)  I also found that our issue with breastfeeding is that she likes to just "hang out" on the boob.  It's like instant sleep/chillax mode for her and I'm constantly trying to wake her up and get her to eat.  Hopefully this heartache will turn itself around with some time and effort and we can have a success story to share.

How on Earth is this face giving me heartaches already?...
...Must be all that love.

Happiness- (Good)

Happiness can be found in many places in my life... The good health of my family, living in a real paradise, COFFEE, Dad's visit with us, and something we weren't expecting at all... MAIL!  (Blue's Clues is in my head more often than I ever expected these days).  

Genelle is my long time pen-pal.  We met back in 2005 when we worked together in Shepherdstown, WV.  Pen-pal is an understatement though because we literally are more like novelist as our letters get to be that long and sometimes take months to write.  I received a novel from her just before Reise was born and a package right after.  Our interests, tastes, aspirations, and desire for adventure are parallel and I cherish her being a part of my life.  Her package was me in a nutshell, (perfect clothes for baby, word sticker magnets [likely for baby too, but I'm playing with them already which I'm sure she expected], and a rad photo album.  My pen n' ink snail mail sista... Know we are grateful and that I love ya!

Thanks Genelle! Xoxo from Reise and a giant
hug from Jun and I too!

And the gratitude just keeps going as Jun's brothers and sisters in blue stop by or send mail, (thank you Brad, Danell, Jason, Michi, Audra, Clem, and Louie and family)... And then our families, (The Turner's, my Grandma, Chris and Kristina and Warren, Stacy and Family, Aunt Michelle and family, Uncle Matt and Aunt Jenny and family, Ben and Michelle and baby Ella)... We just want to say "Thank You" and that your thoughtfulness has given us a lot of smiles, laughs, and an amazing and unexpected snail mail baby shower.  We weren't expecting any of it or anything in general except just your friendships and to visit with you East coasters in September; so Mahalo for all the surprises.  

And back to Dad's three week visit... He left two days ago and both Jun and I, (actually Lono and Koa too!), were really bummed to see him go.  The house feels a little empty without his jokes and our Rummy 500 partner.  Reise misses being held by Granddad too; I'm sure of it!  We had a really great time with him relaxing, adventuring, and just hanging out as a family.  We spent a lot of time on walks, exploring beaches, and we even went through the Hana Lava Tube.  Hopefully next time we can keep him in Maui for months or longer.  ;)  We appreciate and miss you Dad... Come back soon!

She got to spend her first beach day ever with Dad,
Mom, and Granddad... Pretty special stuff since I see the
water being a HUGE part of her life like her parents. :)

Giant Knuckle Head- (Completely Idiotic)

You read that right... GIANT KNUCKLE HEAD... That would be Koa Bamboa Hattori, our naughty rotty.  We are surrounded by cow and horse pastures where we live and that has never seemed to be a problem with our boys until just the other day.  Jun had taken Koa out to go potty when a horse was right at our back fence line... Playful and curious Koa went chasing after it and took a good hoof to the face.  He's very lucky to still have his eye but ended up needing staples and a cone of shame.  He looks/is pathetic but my heart goes out to him as I know he wouldn't have hurt the horse, but just wanted a bigger than himself playmate, which can be hard to find.  I swear he causes more stress and commotion than any newborn ever could...

Just missed his eye... YIKES!
This is what happens when you try to play with
horses Koa.  DUNCE CAP and staples for our
naughty boy!  Not a happy camper...

And on a side note with parenting... Why didn't anyone warn me about projectile vomiting???  My hair, shirt, shorts, and leg and her whole body were completely saturated with a THREE in a row projectile vomit the other day... Like it was straight out of The Exorcist!  Poopy diapers and vomit I was prepared for, but holy moses, that was something I thought only happened in movies!  I love her all the same, if not more because that was some Olympic Gold Medal winning stuff right there...  I took a picture for Jun because he was at work, but didn't put it on here because I didn't think you would care to see her and I completely covered in throw up... (Not one for the family photo album is all I'm sayin').

Here are some pictures from the last two weeks...

And yet another picture that makes me fuzzy inside...
This is a handmade beanie that my Aunt Melanie's friend
made for Reise.  We love it and think its pretty stinkin'
cute!  Thank you Aunt Melanie, Uncle Ed,
Laurie, and Ed III for everything! 
Remember the empty carseat photo?  No more
vacancies there... Finally occupied by Reise! :) 
Snuggling up in her robe after her first bath ever.
She LOVED the water... No surprise there.  ;)
Just a funny little face she made... I swear she
looks different ALL the time!
Covering up her cute little smile, (AKA: Gas/Poop face?).  ;)

Family outing to the Lava Tube...
Dad headed down unda' to explore the lave
tube, (which would take 27 hours to see all
of it).  They have it roped off though or
I might have given it a shot...  :)
Officially inside... 
Near the entrance before it got really pitch
black and required a top notch flashlight.
Super dark...
About halfway in you reach a hole in the earth that
lets some gorgeous light shine through... 
...And you can see the beautiful blue sky.
I stalk her for these smiles.  :)
Not only is she Reise... She is Munckin,
Munchkinator, Sweet Little Angel,
Baby Girl, and Honey.  Typical tiny
person nicknames I reckon... :)

Like I said, Reise is forever changing each day.  It's hard to tell who she will look like or what she will look like, but we sure do love watching her grow.  Happy 3 weeks and 2 days on this Earth Munchkin!

You know I love hearing from you folks... Comments are loved and appreciated below!  =)

Love and Hugs,
Danielle (Q.B.)

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Adventure 14: Introducing Reise Danielle, The Hattori Ohana is Now Complete!

If I finish and post this before she's a month old, then I'll be a monkeys uncle.  I'm officially the happiest one armed bandit, as the other one is filled with a bundle of joy.  It makes typing and numerous other activities feel impossible, (showering, peeing, brushing my teeth, eating, and even changing my clothes can feel like I'm in a marathon race by myself), but trust me, I'm not complaining.  Here's baby Reise's story:

Granddad, (my Dad), arrived on February 25th at 8pm.  We drove to the airport to pick him up and I was SO EXCITED to have him in Maui with us.  My bets based on the size of my belly and how great I still felt, were that Reise would come late and I would have to be induced.  Dad was exhausted, (as you can imagine flying from the east coast and then having a two hour journey on the winding Hana Highway in the dark to follow), so we all went right to sleep.  I couldn't wait to show Dad our sleepy little town which only requires a walking tour to cover all the bases, so we went for a walk the following morning around town and to the beach.  When we got back home, I said the unthinkable and something that I have not said this entire pregnancy, "I want to take a nap".  He had no objections and took one himself as he was still recovering from jet lag.

Exactly 8 minutes in to my nap I felt a familiar pain, (from our 6 months scare)... and then another one... and then another one... and so I texted Jun to see when he'd be home and he said soon, but I kept the pains a secret as to not get him too excited since he had been wishing she'd come everyday since the safe 37 week mark. What I did tell him when he got home was that I thought I was experiencing Braxton Hicks, but started timing my contractions just in case.  A few minutes later I wondered if I had peed myself just a bit, (like pregnant women do when they sneeze or laugh or cough or think...).  I was completely convinced that it was just Braxton Hicks as Jun tried to talk me into going to the hospital after I'd "wet" myself, (which was actually the beginning of my water breaking).  He was having trouble convincing me to go when Lono stepped in to make me a believer.  I was changing my pants and Lono walks over to me... smells my pants, (which he NEVER does), then just stands there staring at me for eternity with a more concerned and concentrated look on his face.  That's when I knew it was the real deal and told Jun to load up the truck and told Dad we were going to the hospital.  Dad was a life saver and stayed home to care for the dogs as they would have spent two days in the back of the truck in the hospital parking lot waiting for Reise to come.  I'm not sure how we would have managed without him and we were lucky he had made it just in the knick of time, (literally).

Let's make a long story much shorter... The contractions lasted for 12 hours, I pushed for two and a half hours and Reise Danielle Hattori came out healthy and just a' screamin' at 11:03pm on February 26th.  She was 19.5" long and weighed 6 lbs. 11.9 oz.  Jun watched and was grateful he did... He said every man should experience it and it was one of the most amazing things he'd ever witnessed and I believe he was in awe for days to follow.  I'm not sure I could have watched even if they had offered, but they did have me watch the moment she came out and then placed her perfect little self on my chest which was followed by tears and joy and two nights in the hospital with her lying next to me on my hospital bed sleeping and eating and bonding until we were released on the 28th in the morning.  Then it was back home to meet Granddad and our boys.

Lono and Koa were SO EXCITED and curious to meet her, but have been loving and wonderful.  Dad is just the best with babies, so she happily stays in his arms and sleeps each day.  We had to go back the following day AGAIN to Kahului for her first pediatrician appointment, and then back to Kahului yet ONE MORE TIME two days later because a nerve in my back is messed up and is BY FAR the absolute worst pain I've had in my life, (a real TEN)... I would do labor twenty times over rather than have this pain.  It's slowly getting better, but there is no real fix than to just let it do its thing and hope it gets better quickly.  I can say that for me, pregnancy, labor, and the recovery from labor itself were WAY easier than what I had every expected.  It seems everyone who has been there before wants to scare you with all their stories and give advice on the "right way" to do things, (and I know they are all just trying to "help"); but for me, almost none of it rang true.  I truly believe it is just different for every mother and my best advice to expecting mothers is to just go into it with an open mind and a lot of optimism.  So besides the nerve pain, by the time I came home from the hospital I had ants in my pants and was ready to clean and hike and go to the beach.  Laying in bed for those two days was torture and every time they tried to put me in a wheelchair to transport me at the hospital, (like right after delivery), I told them "No thank you... I've been laying down for hours, I think I'd rather walk".  They looked at me like I was a mad woman and asked me if I was sure, but Jun just smiled because he knows me.

I would like to say that Maui Memorial exceeded my expectations completely.  Our labor and delivery was intimate, (just Jun and the FANTASTIC nurse and myself until the last push with the doctor there).  I took no classes and just winged the whole ordeal, which was a good decision for me.  Jun counted out my pushes and the nurse guided us.  (Shout out to my husband for doing an amazing job... I was able to joke around with him and the nurses until that final push where I finally let out some noise).  They served Jun and I a special congratulations dinner and the whole staff were wonderful.  Reise was a dream in the hospital, she "latched" right away and will be a breastfed baby, she barely cried ever, and with all the medical scares we had of her being at risk of Downs Syndrome, we just are forever grateful for her wonderful health.  Until the very last push, her health was all I could think about and I was terrified.  She came out with a head of hair and an INSANE amount of strength.  Dad said, "No one will ever believe me when I tell them she did a full on sit up at a week old!"

What adventures has Reise had so far, you may be wondering?

Well today she is 8 days old... With Granddad, Jun, and myself, baby girl has gone to Red Sand Beach, hiked halfway to the Hana Cross, hiked part of the Kings Trail at Waianapapa, and just today she got to watch her Mommy and Daddy stand up paddle at Hamoa Beach.  She LOVED the beach...  and in a lot of ways she is just like me... fights naps, is happiest outside, and likes going on hikes, car rides, and trips to the ocean!

Here are a mix of phone and camera pictures of her that I've taken over the past week and some today of her with her boys that love her so.  Thank you all for all of your love and support!!!

Koa LOVES her and is always trying to smell, kiss, and
love on her.  He's our other baby and a Curious George.

My last pregnant belly picture and my last day at the
beach before her arrival.

One of the first Reise photos ever.  Insta-love at the hospital.

Right after she arrived home... Lono REALLY wants to say "Hi!"

Granddad and Reise sure do love their naps.
He is the "baby whisperer".  We are so
happy to have him here!!! :)

Daddy is already teaching his baby girl to call him anytime.
I see a protective Papa and a Daddy's girl in the future. :)

Lono gets in his share of Mc'Lovin's.

Chillin' with her homies.

They love their naps!  They saved me a spot in the
middle at least. :)

Another precious nap with her Daddy... So peaceful!

Big yawn... Soooo sleepy.  (See Lono by her side?).

She is such a strong little booga!  She did a full on
sit-up today and has no problem throwing her
weight and head around... Must be her
strong genetics.  ;)

From her/our hike near Waianapapa yesterday.  She
slept the entire time!

"Don't mess with our baby sister or else..." ;)

Dad, Reise, and I's hike halfway to the Cross.
I snuck this shot because Dad hates cameras. :)

Well hello big beautiful bright eyes!

Morning coffee and a napping baby after her breakfast.
Moments like these make me happy.

I have just one more shout out to make to my husband... Jun has been incredible... I mean the absolute BEST husband and father.  From house chores, to diaper changes, to making breakfast and dinner, and caring for our boys... not a single complaint from him and we often battle over tasks trying to help each other out.  Having both he and Dad here makes me one lucky girl, and their goofy and fun attitudes makes them a riot to be around.  I'm a lucky girl and I swear that I'll never take that for granted...

So let me and Reise know you dropped by, (soon enough she might just have her own Adventure Blog... ya never know!).  Also, there's a lot of things I'm proud of these days, so I that is to come in the next Adventure.  Of course I'm proud of our little munchkin too.  :) 

Love and Hugs,
Danielle (Q.B.)

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