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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Adventure 15: Heroes, Heartaches, Happiness, and a GIANT Knuckle Head!

Wow... Where to begin really?  So much can happen in just two short weeks.  Do you want the good or the bad news first?  Let's just go in order of the title, shall we?  Good, bad, good, and completely idiotic...

Heroes- (Good)

Proud wife alert...

Just a couple days before picking up Dad from the airport and having Reise immediately after, we had a doctors appointment on the "other side".  We made sure to schedule our visit to coincide with an award Jun and a few other officers were getting on the "other side" that same day, as two hours each direction on the winding Hana Highway is quite the journey.  Now this guy, (my dear sweet husband), basically has me thinking he's going to walk in some guys office and get handed a piece of paper with a gold star on it and do a hand shake and we'll be out of there quicker than you can say the alphabet.  I EVEN asked him if I should dress up, to which he replied, "Just wear whatever is fine, we'll be out of there fast".  Now luckily I'm a sensible woman and didn't listen, and at almost 39 weeks pregnant, I got very lucky and fit into one of my old, non-preggo dresses.  

So as we're waiting at the police station on the "other side" for some guy to shake his hand and hand him an award with a gold star quicker than I can say the alphabet, the lobby-like area we are waiting in starts having news crews and reporters filtering in and setting up around a podium.  Jun, cool as a cucumber, I see it is still no big deal to him while I'm secretly patting myself on the back for being a sensible woman and wearing a dress.  Then the side door opens and, (I kid you not), ALL of the high ranking officers in Maui come out of this meeting room, (about 40 of them), and get in position for the CEREMONY.  I would have been upset about him down playing it so much, but I was too amazed and proud... and I honestly think he probably thought it would be a quick pat on the back, hand shake, and a piece of paper with a gold star.

He got the Silver Medal of Valor for saving a woman and a newborn from a house fire.  My brother also recently received a Medal of Valor, (the first given in his department EVER), for taking down a shooter that had opened fire on other officers.  I have a lot of heroes to be proud of these days... And like I told Jun on the way to the ceremony, (and this goes for my brother too), no matter what awards he does or does not receive, it is important for him to know that everyday he puts on his uniform and lays his life on the line, he is a hero to me and the badge he wears is his medal.  I know Reise will feel the same about her daddy.  If you would like to check out the whole story, you can see the news articles and videos on these sites:

Getting interviewed... Such a stud... ;)
Me sneaking pics with my phone of the
newspaper peeps interviewing him.
And judging by this picture, it looks like he might
already be a hero in his daughters eyes.
*My heart is a puddle of love goo.*

Heartaches- (Bad)

I've already discovered the hardest part of being a parent... Heartaches.  Like wanting what is best for your child and not being able to provide it, or just hoping that you can keep them safe and out of harms way.  Just two weeks after her birth at her two week check up, Reise gave me my very first heartache.  

I have been breastfeeding and it was seeming to be an all day event.  I tried the electric pumps with no luck and on the day of her appointment, I found that the hand pump actually worked for me.  When she weighed in, we were FREAKED to see the scale read 6 lb. 4 oz..  I mean she was feeding ALL DAY LONG... How could that be?!  The Pediatrician said that it was fine, but that we would need to supplement formula every other feeding.  I tried to fight it, but like Jun said, what's worse... formula or being hungry and underfed?  When we got home I read the formula container which basically reads like a muscle mass drink for body builders, (milk solids, whey protein, oils, etc.).  Jun could see my pain and disappointment and when we tried to talk about it, I just burst into tears.  I felt as though I could not provide her with what is best for her... my heart was completely broken.  

So Jun feeds her formula once or twice a day, (only when I have nothing left to offer), and I have become a hand-pumping maniac trying to get my production up.  It's working, (she's gained TWELVE OUNCES in less than a week!!!), and I bet that I could now beat the pants off of anyone on those "Test Your Strength" hand grip games at arcades and fairs.  :)  I also found that our issue with breastfeeding is that she likes to just "hang out" on the boob.  It's like instant sleep/chillax mode for her and I'm constantly trying to wake her up and get her to eat.  Hopefully this heartache will turn itself around with some time and effort and we can have a success story to share.

How on Earth is this face giving me heartaches already?...
...Must be all that love.

Happiness- (Good)

Happiness can be found in many places in my life... The good health of my family, living in a real paradise, COFFEE, Dad's visit with us, and something we weren't expecting at all... MAIL!  (Blue's Clues is in my head more often than I ever expected these days).  

Genelle is my long time pen-pal.  We met back in 2005 when we worked together in Shepherdstown, WV.  Pen-pal is an understatement though because we literally are more like novelist as our letters get to be that long and sometimes take months to write.  I received a novel from her just before Reise was born and a package right after.  Our interests, tastes, aspirations, and desire for adventure are parallel and I cherish her being a part of my life.  Her package was me in a nutshell, (perfect clothes for baby, word sticker magnets [likely for baby too, but I'm playing with them already which I'm sure she expected], and a rad photo album.  My pen n' ink snail mail sista... Know we are grateful and that I love ya!

Thanks Genelle! Xoxo from Reise and a giant
hug from Jun and I too!

And the gratitude just keeps going as Jun's brothers and sisters in blue stop by or send mail, (thank you Brad, Danell, Jason, Michi, Audra, Clem, and Louie and family)... And then our families, (The Turner's, my Grandma, Chris and Kristina and Warren, Stacy and Family, Aunt Michelle and family, Uncle Matt and Aunt Jenny and family, Ben and Michelle and baby Ella)... We just want to say "Thank You" and that your thoughtfulness has given us a lot of smiles, laughs, and an amazing and unexpected snail mail baby shower.  We weren't expecting any of it or anything in general except just your friendships and to visit with you East coasters in September; so Mahalo for all the surprises.  

And back to Dad's three week visit... He left two days ago and both Jun and I, (actually Lono and Koa too!), were really bummed to see him go.  The house feels a little empty without his jokes and our Rummy 500 partner.  Reise misses being held by Granddad too; I'm sure of it!  We had a really great time with him relaxing, adventuring, and just hanging out as a family.  We spent a lot of time on walks, exploring beaches, and we even went through the Hana Lava Tube.  Hopefully next time we can keep him in Maui for months or longer.  ;)  We appreciate and miss you Dad... Come back soon!

She got to spend her first beach day ever with Dad,
Mom, and Granddad... Pretty special stuff since I see the
water being a HUGE part of her life like her parents. :)

Giant Knuckle Head- (Completely Idiotic)

You read that right... GIANT KNUCKLE HEAD... That would be Koa Bamboa Hattori, our naughty rotty.  We are surrounded by cow and horse pastures where we live and that has never seemed to be a problem with our boys until just the other day.  Jun had taken Koa out to go potty when a horse was right at our back fence line... Playful and curious Koa went chasing after it and took a good hoof to the face.  He's very lucky to still have his eye but ended up needing staples and a cone of shame.  He looks/is pathetic but my heart goes out to him as I know he wouldn't have hurt the horse, but just wanted a bigger than himself playmate, which can be hard to find.  I swear he causes more stress and commotion than any newborn ever could...

Just missed his eye... YIKES!
This is what happens when you try to play with
horses Koa.  DUNCE CAP and staples for our
naughty boy!  Not a happy camper...

And on a side note with parenting... Why didn't anyone warn me about projectile vomiting???  My hair, shirt, shorts, and leg and her whole body were completely saturated with a THREE in a row projectile vomit the other day... Like it was straight out of The Exorcist!  Poopy diapers and vomit I was prepared for, but holy moses, that was something I thought only happened in movies!  I love her all the same, if not more because that was some Olympic Gold Medal winning stuff right there...  I took a picture for Jun because he was at work, but didn't put it on here because I didn't think you would care to see her and I completely covered in throw up... (Not one for the family photo album is all I'm sayin').

Here are some pictures from the last two weeks...

And yet another picture that makes me fuzzy inside...
This is a handmade beanie that my Aunt Melanie's friend
made for Reise.  We love it and think its pretty stinkin'
cute!  Thank you Aunt Melanie, Uncle Ed,
Laurie, and Ed III for everything! 
Remember the empty carseat photo?  No more
vacancies there... Finally occupied by Reise! :) 
Snuggling up in her robe after her first bath ever.
She LOVED the water... No surprise there.  ;)
Just a funny little face she made... I swear she
looks different ALL the time!
Covering up her cute little smile, (AKA: Gas/Poop face?).  ;)

Family outing to the Lava Tube...
Dad headed down unda' to explore the lave
tube, (which would take 27 hours to see all
of it).  They have it roped off though or
I might have given it a shot...  :)
Officially inside... 
Near the entrance before it got really pitch
black and required a top notch flashlight.
Super dark...
About halfway in you reach a hole in the earth that
lets some gorgeous light shine through... 
...And you can see the beautiful blue sky.
I stalk her for these smiles.  :)
Not only is she Reise... She is Munckin,
Munchkinator, Sweet Little Angel,
Baby Girl, and Honey.  Typical tiny
person nicknames I reckon... :)

Like I said, Reise is forever changing each day.  It's hard to tell who she will look like or what she will look like, but we sure do love watching her grow.  Happy 3 weeks and 2 days on this Earth Munchkin!

You know I love hearing from you folks... Comments are loved and appreciated below!  =)

Love and Hugs,
Danielle (Q.B.)


  1. AWESOME pictures! I can't believe how much Reise is changing already. She is the sweetest little girl ever! <3
    Can't wait til September!!
    <3 <3

  2. I love the pictures in the knit cap and the fresh-out-the-bath pictures best. She has changed so much already. It sounds like no one told you that babies always drop weight in the first week or two after birth. K dropped 6 ounces in a week. It's totally normal as long as she starts gaining again. And projectile vomiting? Oh yes. Make sure you always take an extra shirt with you when you guys go out (for all of you). Dish liquid works great for pre-treating those food-based stains. It sounds like you're loving every minute of motherhood. And. . .Congrats, Jun!

  3. Hello Beautiful! My computer crashed 2 weeks ago and my phone has been a pain to use for Internet... but this blog touched my heart & made me super happy! So glad u liked the cute little outfits... btw, the magnets were for YOU! Hehee, we're too much alike... kids at heart forever. ;-) Giant congrats to your awesome hubby, that's something to be really proud of! I also hope you're feeling much better. I can only imagine the challenges which being a parent can bring. Kisses to Reise, Lono, & poor little Koa, and lots of love to you all. :-)


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