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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Adventure 16: Blue Jeans, Beer, Muscles, Milk and More

You've got to love sweet little successes and the package of small adventures that make life one BIG adventure.  For me, I've had a lot of miniature achievements with my hands half filled with a 9 lb. baby most of the time.  =)

We've made it as parents a whole month and I've yet to decide if time has flown or crept by as it's all kind of a blur and even unbelievable still at times.  But I'm not going to ramble on solely about parenting until my next post because I made a conscious decision that when I got pregnant I would not bombard everyone with JUST Reise all of the time.  My reasoning is that I feel a lot of people BECOME their children when they are born, (Facebook for example; profile picture, status updates, etc. no longer include themselves, just their kids).  I get that everyone adores and is proud of their child, (me included!), but I don't think people should lose their individuality by covering their whole live's with baby once their children are born, but instead including them as their own individual and as a beautiful addition to the family, (if that makes any sense at all?).  Enough with rambling opinions... Let's carry on, shall we?

Hands full of 9 lb. baby and jeans that fit= One happy Momma!

My first great/minor achievement is jeans.  I love jeans and I finally got up the nerve to try an old pair on the other day and was shocked that they fit considering my diet has been mediocre, (to put it mildly), these days, (i.e. primarily hard pretzels, peanut butter, and Roselani ice cream when I walk past the counter or fridge).  You've got to celebrate the little things in life, ya know?

Local and delicious... Heaven on Earth.

The second achievement on the list is beer... My first whole beer in 10 months as a matter of fact, and MAN did it taste GREAT!  Someone might have thought I was eating a decadent chocolate dessert at some 5 star restaurant with all the "Ooo's" and "Ahh's" that bubbly beverage was getting.  It was a gift from my friend, Safron, and her sweet family when they dropped by during their visit to Hana.  Along with the beer was an awesome little surfer outfit for Reise, (because we all know she's going to be female Kelly Slater, right?), and, (this one is awesome), a basketball because Napa had given them two and she thought maybe I would want it... Which is completely the coolest thing EVER considering every time Jun and I walk past the local courts I say, "We need to get a basketball"... I kid you not... Rock on Safron and familia... We loved seeing you guys!!!

Super genetics!  Or just a milk drunk...  :)

This is Reise's achievement... Weight gain and muscles.  She gained almost a pound in a week from primarily breast milk and now does full sit-ups, holds her pacifier, her bottle, and we're working on getting her to change her own diaper.  No such luck with that last one yet...

Speaking of milk, the next achievement has no picture, (you understand why I'm sure), but no more need for formula!  Right after my last post, the milk started flowing and the heartbreak has passed.  I appreciate the words of encouragement from fellow Momma's that I received in emails and messages!

Blood orange with ginger was our favorite so far.
Quite pretty too!  I take them to the beach on ice... Delish!

Up next, another bucket board pin DOWN... Yahtzee!  Say hello to my very own homemade continuous kombucha brew, (quite the blissful mouthful)!  This stuff is off the charts good... And dare I say, (with a little guilt because I like the owner so much), better than Maui Kombucha's.... Jun agrees, we've got the best kombucha right on tap!  If you like kombucha, I recommend giving being a home brewer a whirl.  I'm always here to help!

Yum yum in my tum tum... I could
be a rabbit in my next life if only they
ate peanut butter and ice cream...

And lastly, that garden I planted in the P's blog, (which if you missed it, you can see it HERE), is growing abundantly.  I took this picture of the blend of greens I harvested for a salad... Arugula is my favorite because I love the spiciness.

And my apologies for not using my REAL camera very much these days.  Those darn 
iPhones just make life too easy... I'll try to do better!

One of Jun's fellow officers dives and got this
ji-normous lobster on a night dive at the beach
right by our casa.  Super fresh and incredibly
delicious, (I'll have to take his word for it because
I can't even be around them since I'm allergic
 to shellfish).  This guy was in HEAVEN! :)

Kombucha brewing came down off the bucket board!!!
What shall I take off next???  The possibilities...

Safron and family dropped by to see us and meet baby
Reise and brought lots of fun stuff to play with! :)

She was super sleep smiley, so I snapped a shot.  :)

More of our chunker and her one month old skills...

And I just had to put this because it makes
me laugh... The ultimate poop push
or maybe cheering on the dogs
while they play?  She'll hate
me for these blogs later.  ;)

You know I love hearing from you!  Why don't you tell me one thing you would put or 
maybe even have on your bucket board???

Love and Hugs and Tons of Aloha,
Danielle (QB)

P.S. I forgot to mention that, (thanks to my fabulous husband), I've went for a run and a stand up paddle session recently.  I think he realizes that both of our lives are much easier
when I have a little sunshine and some ocean in my life.  ;)


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  2. Pictures are great as always! Reise is growing so fast! Tell her to slow down please ;)
    Coming to Maui is definitely on my bucket list!! ;)

  3. I had a dream last night that I missed a flight to someplace by an hour, and when I got to the airport they told me it was ok... There was a plane leaving in a few minutes. So I got on... And ended up in Maui!! Maybe it's a sign. Either way, I can't wait to come see you guys sometime (before Reise grows up too fast!) and try your soon-to-be world famous kombucha! ;-)

  4. P.S. A few Bucket List Items-- Graduate from PT school (close!!), Climb Seneca Rocks, kayak/raft the New River (one of the only WV Rivers I haven't been on!), Take a pottery class ;-), Surf/raft/climb/hike in NZ, Have a pint in Ireland (I'm not ruling out a trip with you!), Adopt a doggie, Ride atop an elephant, Learn to play piano, Attend a meditation/spiritual retreat, Go sailing, Do something to help in a 3rd world country, Become a Travel PT... the list goes on... ;-) I've also crossed off numerous items while in Morgantown including cross-country skiing, backpacking, joining a yoga class, learning to sport climb, discovering passion through volunteering, etc! :-)

    1. Haha that was way more than one! :-D

    2. I LOVE YOUR BUCKET LIST! We are SUPER similar! :) And I definitely haven't ruled out a trip to Ireland together either! It is a dream of mine to have a floating candle in a pint of Guinness in Ireland for my birthday... I'm not a big cake fan anyways! ;) And your dream; I REALLY hope it comes true VERY soon! We can't wait for you to come out for a visit. Reise is so excited to meet her Auntie G-Wiz! <3 xoxo

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