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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Adventure 18: Crafts That Take You Places...

Craft #1: Driftwood Photo Collage

I don't know what has gotten into me, but I've been a crafty little booger lately.  I think it is the fact that I joined Pinterest and then got really upset because soon after I realized that one click leads to another click leads to another click and soon you have all these "boards" filled with foods you will never cook, crafts you will never make, and places you will never go and you just spent hours seeking them out.  

Don't get me wrong, I completely love the concept of Pinterest because it is like a giant vision board and we all know I love my own vision board/bucket board... but it is just TOO DAMN BIG... And the bigger you make it, the less likely it seems you will achieve any of it.  SO, for one, I decided that I will only go to Pinterest when they send me my recommendations so I don't "over pin", and for two, I will try to make most all the foods that I re-pin, all the crafts I love, and I DEFINITELY want to aspire to see all the places I want to travel.  So here is my first whack at a pin:

The Original Pin:
This lucky ducky had a nice wall as a 
background and the ability to create 
different photo sizes beyond 4x6...

My Take On it With Old String
and a Cost of Only 6 Cents for Photos:
It would display nicer with a plain wall, but
 you get the picture. (Get it..."get the picture"
... Da dum shee).  And that was the drums
and symbol if you didn't get that.  Let's carry
on now before I get too carried away with
my cheese-ball-ness. Cheese-ball-ness???
Now THAT'S awesome.
Drift wood is plentiful everywhere here and
very easy to come by.  Reise and I ventured to
the gorgeous Koki Beach while Jun was at work and
picked out these pieces in less than 2 minutes.  It is
actually much harder to get pictures printed as the
closest place is 2 hours away... So I ordered
penny prints from Snapfish and had them
mailed.  This is a Reise timeline, from
in the belly to now.

I didn't have any cute clips to use like
the original persons creation, but scotch
tape worked just fine to fasten them on the
old string I had lying around... Plus tape
makes it nice because it doesn't bend or
crease the photos and it is completely
invisible on the back. Click on these photos
to blow them up and get a closer look.

Craft #2: Photo Collage Mug:
It's kind of cheating... but hey, I took the pictures at least.

While I was on Snapfish, they had another great Father's Day deal going on and Jun needed a coffee mug for work, so I just couldn't help myself and made him a collage mug, (from Reise and I), for his 1st Father's Day.  The only problem is, he likes it so much he doesn't want to take it to work so it doesn't get broken because he wants to still have it when we are all ancient... So I told him he could take one of our house mugs in trade.  ;)

It reads, "Happy 1st Father's Day!  Your Ladies Love you!" with a
collage of 15 pictures of Reise and us from baby up until recently.

Craft #3:  Kristina's Birthday Gift- A Seashore Treasure Hunt

My sister's birthday is coming up and I had to think of something special to send her.  We both love food, (chocolate especially), and are more of the "homemade gift" type.  She has sent me homemade cookies, a hand-sewed nursing cover, a hand painted wooden word art, and even made Reise a stuffed bunny she sewed her for Easter.  She's my best friend, so things that come from the heart and the "hand" mean more to us and we are happy to be each others guinea pigs when it comes to a new craft.  A friend here in Hana had recently done a picture art with her sea-glass and a separate one with shells... a lightbulb went off when I saw that and I decided I would collect sand from three of Hawaii's most beautiful and unique beaches, (that just happen to be within a 5 mile radius of our house), and use the sea-glass and shells I found to make her a homemade work of art... That way a piece of me and a piece of where we live could always be with her back in West Virginia.  (And I also sent her chocolate of course.)  =]

When I started this project, I had NO IDEA how much fun I would have collecting the things to put it together.  From gathering a little sand at Hamoa while we were there having a family beach/paddle surf day, to walking to the Red Sand beach from our house while having some wine and slowly seeking out sea-glass and seashells with my sweet little family... It was like a treasure hunt for grown ups.... And I highly recommend ocean treasure hunting while drinking wine.  It is extremely fun, relaxing, and often silly.  After having the beach to ourselves, we had a little more wine and then went fishing at Hana Bay at sunset and into the night with Reise and the boys (dogs).  We even had pizza delivered to us from friends who went to the local organic farm that makes outdoor wood fired pizzas on the weekends.  So ono!  

I took this picture that day we went to Hamoa to paddle and collect
sand.  Oh how I love this place.  We spend a lot of time here.
(This photo was taken with my camera).

We slowly made our way here to the Red Sand Beach...
At this point my pockets were already full of sea-goodies.
and I just needed to gather a small vile of sand.
(These photos were taken with my phone as the trail to get
to Red Sand is very steep, rocky, wet, and dangerous).


Spotting sea glass on rocks is pretty hard, but I became
REALLY GOOD at it.  It filled me with so much excitement
every time I would find one, like I was transformed back to
being a little kid on a treasure hunt!

My sweet helpers.

As I collected the treasures and my wine buzz caught up to me, I began to think about how I am just like sea-glass.  I started out whole and overtime things break you... and slowly those breaks begin to smooth out into something beautiful.  From all those breaks in your life you eventually leave behind all these beautiful pieces of yourself all over the world, like little lessons for other people to pick up and make into art... A whole bottle is neat and all, but I'd rather be sea glass.  ;)

Here it is... and if I had to do it over I would have separated the Red Sand and Black Sand by putting the White Sand in the middle because their colors are actually very different, but with this it is hard to tell.  I also would have used a glue stick for the sand rather than boogery rubber cement... but I just like the smell of rubber cement so I couldn't help myself.  It takes me back to elementary school... ;)  

I know it's nothing crazy cool; but it has a
lot of symbolism and encompasses places I
cherish and my new found parallel to sea glass.

Black sand on top, red sand in the middle,
and white sand on the bottom with a blue
painted background.  I forgot to take a
picture of the Black Sand beach... Darn.

And here's a few pictures from our fishing excursion taken with my phone:

Reise chillin' while Lono stays on fish patrol.
Lono running off to protect us from an incoming boat.
If you actually click on this picture, his tail is practically
missing because it's wagging so fast.  :)

This surprised look might have came from when Koa
ate our very stinky squid that WAS our bait.

Jun caught a fish!  :)  I thought I did too and I was so
super excited, but it ended up being a rock.  Enough wine
has the ability to make you think rocks are fish... and then
you fight the ginormous fish, (I mean rock), for far too long.

 That's all for now folks!  And I don't know if my comments box is being weird or what because I've had multiple people try to drop me a line with no success in the past couple months... but I DO LOVE getting comments; so keep on trying won't ya?  After all, I wouldn't write em' if you didn't let me know you were reading em'!  ;)  

Danielle (Q.B.)


  1. :D I LOVED this blog!! Mainly because I was mentioned and my gift was a MAJOR subject ;) but it was awesome as always! I love the pictures of the different beaches where you collected the sand...oh and my sand art IS crazy cool!! I LOVE IT!! There is nothing better than opening a gift from Hawaii and seeing Mushroom Mountains...and homemade gifts of course!! I truly do LOVE my gift Sis and I thank you so much for thinking of me and taking the time to create such an awesome piece of art! I'm definitely going to brag about it! ;)
    The pictures are always my favorite when reading your blogs but your words are so meaningful and you write so beautifully that it's always a nice way to take a time out to relax and read.
    Great blog!!!

    1. I'm glad you loved it Sis! It was a lot of fun to make and you were the perfect person to make it for. I ran out of mushroom mountains yesterday... which is probably a good thing because I can eat a bajillion of them at one time; but I think of you every time I eat them with my coffee now. :) I got lucky to get a sister like you... Love you SISTA!!!

  2. I love this post. I'm gonna have to go on a beach collection journey tomorrow. I love the rustic photo collage and the beach finds on the sandy background. I never can find any sea glass, but I absolutely love it. And I loved your metaphor about how you are like sea glass. Such a beautiful way to look at. And I agree, I would much rather be sea glass, too. I saw another pin I'd like to try where you use a shadowbox picture frame, put a beach scene photo in the back of the frame, and then fill in the shadow box with collected sand, shells, etc., to create your own beach trip memory.
    I can't believe how fast Reise is growing. She just keeps getting more beautiful. The picture of her in her pack is so precious and that funny face cracked me up.
    Now. . . what in the world are mushroom mountains and where in the world can I find them?


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