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Friday, June 28, 2013

Adventure 19: Food in Hana and Pictures of Guess Who?

Hana Farms Pizza:

If you come to Hana after 7:30 at night, you may wonder if it's a ghost town.  The only bars are at the Hana Ranch Restaurant and the Travaasa Hotel, (which are more of a restaurant environment aimed to please tourists), and EVERYTHING here closes early... REALLY early.  So it is not surprise that when Hana Farms opened their clay oven wood fired pizza "stand", it was a town sensation, and is by far the most people you can find in one spot when the sun goes down on the East side.

Jun and I had talked about checking it out since there's only maybe a handful of places to choose from to "go out" to dinner over here... But the poor guy is scared of hippies.  Maybe not scared, but to him, there's just something "about them" I think.... like how some people feel about clowns I guess.  I often wonder how he fell in love with me, but I think for him patchouli oil, dread locks, body odor, raggedy clothes, and/or armpit hair are the determining factors and definers of "hippy-ism", and I cover more of the health conscious, guitar playing, organic gardening type.  From his knowledge, this pizza place was ran by hippies... so needless to say, I wasn't surprised when that night he came home from work and informed me that a friend would be conveniently delivering our awesome organic pizza to us.  "Whoa whoa whoa!" I said.  "Food is about the EXPERIENCE!  I don't want to eat it if we don't go there!"

So he's sweet and didn't even try to change my mind and so we went... and it was worth it.  There was different musicians playing on a one mic set up with acoustic guitars.  The workers, who were WWOOFers, (I, myself, was a WWOOFer for a long time as some of you may know), drank beer as they made the pizzas and stoked the fires.  Maybe not entirely legal, but it has me SO WISHING I HAD WWOOFED THERE!  See below for more details on this jungle pizza palace...

Signage from the road.

Their 7 day a week fruit and banana
bread stand... and our truck.

Stokin' the fire.  Pretty COOL, eh?  I want to build one of these!

Note beer drinking hippy pizza WWOOFer.  I LOVE HANA!

When I see pesto and whole garlic cloves all on one pizza, that
one is MINE.  Just don't talk to me for a week... you might pass out.

And these are their "To Go Containers".  They are
banana leaves... I'm so freaking impressed!

The busy "hippy" crew at night... Busy busy.

Pranee's Thai Food:

And one of my other favorites out of the handful of places you can eat at in Hana is Pranee's Thai Food.  Now Pranee, (the sweet little Thai lady who loves babies but her english is a little hard to understand), is on the weekends and Nutcharee is on weekdays at the same stand.  I haven't had Nutcharee's yet, but I can tell you that Pranee has it going on, (and I think it's because her ingredients are so fresh and she doesn't cook them into soggy submission).  I took the photo below with my phone of our food we ate there on a day we were out adventuring and decided to stop in.  We got the Salmon Panang Curry, (killer good!), and the papaya salad, (fresh, but too citrusy perhaps... I've had better).  We've gotten her food "to-go" before too and it's always very good and very reasonably priced.  It was fun dining in though, (although it's more like dining out, as the restaurant is roofed, but totally open to the outside).

Panang Curry and Papaya Salad.... Yum! Reise was a big
hit here with the ladies... both employees and tourists.

The Chow Wagon "To-Go" as a Picnic Adventure:

The Chow Wagon is so close to our home it's ridiculous.  I only REALLY like one thing from their menu though... everything else is very "eh", forgettable, and not worth the money (in my opinion).  What's weird is that I like their Korean chicken because I don't really like to eat chicken that often.  In fact, our diet is primarily fish, veggies, and grains.  Some days we just want to go to the beach early so that we can paddle and surf before it gets crowded and the wind picks up.  It is quick and convenient so we grabbed some food to go and headed to Hamoa Beach.

Picnic in Paradise

I wonder if she's biting her lip because she wants a bite?

From this angle, she is SUPER BUDDHA.  What a
great view though, eh?

Me and my munchkin!

Daddy's turn to play.

Oh how I love this place...

... And I'm so grateful it's just minutes away from our home.

Food From Our Kitchen, Garden, and the Sea:

No matter if it is the middle of winter or the middle of summer, in Hawaii there is always food growing and living all around us.  A few things that we eat regularly we get from our garden and from the ocean.  This tuna was given to us straight out of the water when we were at Hana Bay by some locals who had gone out on their boat.  Jun made it into sashimi and we enjoyed it with friends at a get together.  It was SO GOOD and as fresh as it gets!

The fish master at work.

He made some raw and some seared.  Both were exceptional.

This was a Pinterest recipe I knocked off my
food board.  It is Parsley Pesto Soba noodles
and it is seriously one of my new favorite foods.
I have a HUGE parsley plant in the back garden
so I can make this regularly... AWESOME!

The lettuce and tomatoes are straight out of our garden
too and practically still breathing. YUM!

And Here are a Ton of Pictures of Reise because I Take Far Too Many:

Chillin' with Koa.  This picture makes me both happy and
sad.  We recently adopted Koa to a family in Haiku who
have two children and live on 2 acres.  It was a tough
decision, but it was a selfless one.  When you have a
baby, giving a Rottweiler enough exercise to keep
him calm in the house seemed near impossible.  We
miss him so much, but we know that he is happier
 to be able to run around outside as he pleases and
we can see him whenever we want.

Comb over madness.

She is wearing 6 and 9 month clothing and
she's only 4 months old!  Buddha child!

Can't get enough of her face...

Before she got good at tummy time.

Ice cream dress from Auntie Kelly... She
wanted to eat it.  Seriously, I was having
a hard time keeping her from putting it
in her mouth to take a picture. :)

She's started to have little giggles
that crack me up!  When I laugh
at her she just laughs more at
me so it's a sweet cycle.

Hanging with her Daddy.  She loves him!

Watching documentaries with Mommy.

Kicking her feet... Like usual.

She's finally become a champion at tummy time.

She LOVES her rattle!

Getting some time in with Daddy before her bedtime.

There are so many more pictures and adventures to come... Like our recent excursion to Kaupo
for Lono Mono's birthday!  It just takes me far too long to get through them all and post them.  :)

Hugs and Lots of Aloha,
Danielle (Q.B.)

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  1. Very cool! The food looks delish! I can't wait to have Jun make us some Japanese inspired cuisine ;) I'm not sure how well I would do with the raw fish though, kinda freaks me out..
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures!! Reise looks so adorable in yellow and her big smile melts my heart into mushy goo. <3 BEAUTIFUL!


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