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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Happy 1st Father's Day!!!

Jun isn't one for public exposure, but hopefully he'll understand.  After all it's almost Father's Day, and it just happens to be his very first.  So without getting too incredibly mushy, (because I darn well could), I will just caption some recent photos on just a few of the ways I think he is a wonderful Dad to our sweet baby girl.  Thank you honey for all you do... Reise and I appreciate you more than you'll ever know!

Real men brush hair.  My poor Dad brushed my insane,
curly, outrageously long hair for years and years.  Jun's just
getting started but he's doing a fabulous job and Reise
loves watching him do it.

Nap/Cuddle time is a necessity.

This might be one of my favorite moments
of the two of them that I just got lucky
enough to walk in on...

Jun insisted I take a nap after the long hours
that are required as a mother, (awesome, I know).  I
slept for longer than I had planned, but when I woke, I
heard Jun talking and rushed out to check on them.

When I came out of the bedroom, he had everything under
control and was reading Reise her very first book.  She was
so intrigued and was LOVING IT!  My heart melted...
(And thank you Laurie for the book!).

Reise loves her beach chair time with Daddy
while I get my turn stand up paddle surfing.
He always makes sure she's warm enough/cool
enough and keeps her covered with sunscreen.

Don't panic... It's just a little splash. ;)
He always takes her into the water when
we go to the beach and motorboats
her in circles.

We both swear she will love the ocean, but Jun is
planning on bigger things...

...Like making a pro surfer out of her
starting right now.  They like to watch
surf videos on YouTube together.

"Now see sweetie... That's Indonesia where
you'll surf one day..."  I somehow don't
think the fact that she currently looks like
a Michelin baby is going to help her anytime
soon with that aspiration.  :)

Right now she might have better luck
in the sport of Sumo wrestling.  ;)

Even though I have yet to figure out what
constitutes a date as a date because every little
adventure we do is a date enough for me, I
think this might have been our first lunch date
since having Reise.  When baby is hungry,
Jun is on it and at lightening speed.  Baby
comes first and we're both happy to wait to
devour these incredible crepes at Cafe
Des Amis in Paia until the Buddha
belly is full and happy.

Our first fishing trip with her outside of the belly.  Every Dad
has to take their daughter fishing, no matter what age...

And hiking... Of course we take her hiking and Jun is
kind enough to carry her when we go as all 15 pounds
of her gets strenuous after awhile... especially on steep
hills and climbing over lava rock.  This picture just
makes me smile because she actually looks
a little concerned.  ;)

And beyond the hair-brushing, hiking, early swimming and surf lessons, feedings, storybook reading, and beach time... He does diaper changes, gives baths, takes on night time feedings, is teaching her to be bi-lingual, and most importantly, he makes her smile and laugh every single day.... AND he loves every minute of it.  What more could either one of us girls ask for?  And to think... It's just the beginning.  Happy Father's Day Honey... YOU ARE AMAZING!

Your Ladies


  1. Happy Father's Day Jun!! I hope your first is amazing as I'm sure it will be being able to spend it with the two beautiful ladies in your life.
    Great pictures Sis!! I love the Michelin baby one, definitely made me laugh! Reise is too cute and I CANNOT wait to cuddle her!!
    LOVE YOU GUYS!! <3

    1. Juniper replied below just incase you didn't see it sis. :) I think he had a lot of fun... The waves were good and the weather was beautiful so he went stand up paddle surfing for hours. I made him breakfast and we made dinner together. Plus he got a mug, (which is amusing to me because I always thought gifts of mugs, socks, and typical "Dad" like stuff was really cheesy... but it turned out he actually needed a mug and so Reise and I made him a pretty sweet one). I hope Chris enjoyed his day too!
      Reise says she wants you to cuddle her ASAP! LOVE YOU TO THE MOON!

  2. BEAUTIFUL!! Your photos are so fun to look at. And I can't wait to hold that Baby Buddha in my arms!! Happy 1st Father's Day to Jun, I look so forward to meeting you too. And D-Shiz, I might need to pick your brain on setting up a blog soon... now that I'm in HI I understand how efficiently it allows you to keep your loved ones up-to-date! Pretty awesome. Sending love and waving back in your direction!!! ;)

    1. DOCTOR G-Wiz! :) Baby Buddha is already fitting into the clothes you sent her and she's only 4 months old!!! She is such a hefty little munchkin for only being a 6lb. 11oz. baby when born. Jun responded below, btw. ;)

      I'm SO HAPPY you are an island away from me now and I'd be MORE THAN HAPPY to help you set up a blog. It really does help to keep in touch with everyone all in one post. Let me know when you're ready and I'll send you a bunch of great links to places to help you design it. :) Love you lady!

  3. Thanks babe for all the photos and keeping a journal of all the events for our lil one to see one day ..... You are the most amazing, beautiful woman I know, inside and out! Love being a parent to our lil bundle of joy with you! !

    Thanks my sis from another motha(Kristina)! ! And Genelle, hope to meet you too, hopefully on da Big Island! !

    1. I hope this blog will exist forever so that she can have it to look back on... Or that they discover a way to save them so Reise can see the immense amount of love you and I have had for her from day one.

      Thank you for thinking I'm the most amazing, beautiful woman you know... You're not too bad yourself there handsome! ;)


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