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Friday, August 2, 2013

Adventure 20: Flossie Got Bossy and Told Me to Get with the Program!

That's right... Flossie, right at the point of reaching light rain, knocked out the internet.  I swear Hana's internet lines are made out of candy necklaces sometimes... (Remember that stuff?  If you accidentally got the string caught in your teeth, all your candy was bound to end up on the floor.  Its creator must not have liked children much).  Back to internet outage... So I immediately declared, "HALLELUJAH, what a relief!".  That meant I was back to being slightly "off grid" and it was time to go through my photos that I'd taken on recent adventures.  I'd been putting them off for the perfect rainy day because the sunny ones are just too great to go out and play... And rainy, windy, thunder, lightening, trees falling down... a sleeping baby... and then a wine glass in hand, I felt perfectly ready to get lost in this past months adventures.  It will take two blogs divided into two adventures each to share this month with you as to not bombard you with picture sensory overload.  Even with a baby, a lady full of wanderlust still seeks out her fill of adventure.

Adventure 1: Lono's Birthday Trip

Yes, our dog gets his own birthday trip.  I'm certain there is nothing he would want more than to go for a long ride in the back of the truck, only to stop and demolish sticks and then go for a swim... So that's what we did.  We drove out to Kaupo to a couple more secretive spots, (all of Kaupo is pretty desolate so it's not like this place is hopping with people anyways... It's more so hopping with wild billy goats).  

Behind this church is all mountain and valleys... In front
of the church is a cemetery and a 200+ degree
view of the ocean.  
In front of the church, with my sweet family,
(Of course Jun is taking the picture so he's there too).

Cemetery fronting the ocean... Not a shabby
place to lay to rest.
Happy Birthday Lono Mono Monkey Boy!
Then we went to Nu'u in Kaupo, where the water is pretty
well protected by a cove, and I gave the boy his birthday
swim and stick fetching fun.
Someone made this perfectly great fireplace
and it's even got a rock wind barrier.  I think
I'll have to utilize this someday soon. 
The view from the standing on the lava rocks at Nu'u... Our
next camping/snorkeling destination perhaps.
A sweet curious colt peeking out at us.

Adventure 2: Our 1st Anniversary

I love men.  That came out all wrong... Let me explain myself.  I love men and special occasions... and, well... their adversity to them.  I knew the day before our anniversary that my plan to surprise Jun with a breakfast picnic would be easily pulled off or totally ruined since either: A) He was equally trying to surprise me and was hoping that I forgot and was playing it SUPER cool, (which wasn't likely since he can't contain himself for more than 5 seconds if there is a surprise, even if it's days, weeks, or years early)...  Or B) He totally forgot, in which case my plan to surprise him would be a super success!

So as we did our morning surf checks and dump run, (which takes us just a few minutes round trip), I asked to stop at Waianapana, (black sand beach), to take a picture for my sister so she could see where the black sand on her sea glass art came from.  He thought nothing of it and even didn't say anything when I grabbed Reise's backpack out of the back seat, (which I'd packed with breakfast, blankets, and Bailey's the night before).  I even had made coffee to go that morning and made a home made card the night before while he was at work.  He had to work that night, hence the Bailey's for a toast in the morning time.  

So I walk us down to this super secluded gorgeous area by the sea.  No one can see us and we can't see them.  Then as I start unpacking our breakfast picnic he asks, "What are you doing?", (still so completely clueless), to which I say, "Happy Anniversary honey... I thought we could have a breakfast picnic!"  (Insert not a happy face, but a look of absolute horror here).  His eyes grew HUGE and he looked severely panicked.  I immediately hugged him and said, "Don't worry babe, if you hadn't forgotten, this surprise would have been really hard to pull off."  

It was a nice morning by the sea with our munchkin, picnic, and spiked coffee.  I think the look
on Jun's face was the most priceless thing I have ever seen in my life and by the end of the day I was so sick of having to tell him that I didn't care, (and I really didn't care), that he forgot, that having to tell him I didn't care was the only thing upsetting me at that point.  Ha!  :)

Looking towards the Black Sand Beach from near
where we had our picnic.
Jun and Reise reading his Anniversary card.
We moved the party to a picnic table in
the shade so munchkin could hang out.
These two are so cute together!
The Black Sand Beach from an above view.

Coming next... Keanae Arboretum and Kahanu Gardens.  Does everything in Hawaii start with a K?

Hugs and Aloha,
Danielle (Q.B)

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