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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

In Regards to MPD and the Maui Missing Persons, Carly "Charli" Scott and Moreira "Mo" Monsalve...

While reading the news on social media in regards to Maui's missing persons, Carly Scott and Moreira Monsalve, I began to feel tears burning in my eyes and my face turning red with frustration and anger.  I can't read it anymore.  While people are bashing the Maui Police Department and complaining about their tax dollars going to waste and asking for the FBI to take over, my husband and his fellow officers are working overtime following up on every single lead in regards to these women's disappearance.  Maybe you get to eat dinner with your family every night while they are spending more time away from their family for the families of those of these missing persons.  While doing so, I've not heard a single complaint out of their mouths, nor the understanding wives who sleep in a cold bed at night just hoping that these poor women are found and that their husbands make it home safely, at whatever time that may be...

So for those who continue to make donut jokes, harp on parking tickets, bash police officers, and want to hang on to those tax dollars, let me ask you this:

A).  Do you really think that MPD doesn't want to find these woman?  Honestly, do you think they are just sitting on their hands?  If you think this, please speak to a relative of a Maui Police officer.  We are all looking at this as if it had happened to one of us.  It is devastating for EVERYONE on Maui.

B).  You are complaining that MPD isn't doing enough, YET, you're also complaining that your tax dollars are going to waste.  SO in order for your tax dollars to not "go to waste", should we all just forget about these women and call off the search?  I'd love to hear whatever unreasonable solution you might have to this complaint!

C).  Do you really think it's as easy as the police walking in and arresting the "boyfriends"?  Please read up on your laws and what the police can and cannot do.  The written laws are "above" even the police and everyone must abide by them.  Don't you think that when there is incriminating evidence proving "someone's" guilt, they will arrest them?  Maybe you've watched too much crime drama on TV and don't understand "real world" laws and regulations.

D). Are you out helping search?  Unless you are out searching or helping or donating to these families, you're just a wasted breath of high and mighty opinions on forums and Facebook.  For the families who are suffering and grieving trying to find their loved ones and for MPD, please keep your negativity to yourself and get out there and start HELPING if finding these women means so much to you!

E).  Have you gotten a ticket and you're upset about it so now you're venting on social media?  You got a ticket because you broke the law which means you deserved it.  None of us care and it's irrelative to the missing women.  Pay your ticket or fight it in court and get over it.

Thank you to the Maui Police Department, the helicopter pilots, and the search and rescue teams for the long hours you are putting in.  To the families, none of us can possibly feel or begin to imagine what you're going through, but we all are hoping and praying that your mom, sister, aunt, daughter, and friends are found.

May this help just one of the ignorant to quit posting hurtful things on social media...

*Disclosure: This is my own personal opinion and is not a reflection of anyone else's opinion.

P.S. When you bash MPD, you bash my family.  Not just my husband, but all the men and women in the department who protect you and who also help protect my husband.  Remember that they are the only people that will put their own lives on the line, (military too), to save your life even when they don't even know you.  I could lose my husband, our daughter could lose her father in the line of duty to protect you and your family.  They are the first ones you call for help and they are the last ones to expect a pat on the back.  One day you may need a police officers help and they will give it to you every single time... Don't forget that!

"If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem".


2/20/14 UPDATE:  To those of you who chose to misread my post, I have no complaints about my husband's time away from our family.... NONE what-so-ever.  I am proud of him because he is out saving lives and trying to make a difference, (which is what he loves about his job, even if the community doesn't support or appreciate him and his brothers and sisters in uniform).  My point is, these women are missing, so instead of bashing the entire MPD, (and remember the COUPLE bad apples make the cover page while the HUNDREDS saving lives and protecting you likely wont ever be mentioned anywhere), get out there and start helping OR please be kind enough to respect those who are out there doing all they can to help find these women!

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