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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Adventure 27: An Ireland Exchange, the New and Improved Website, and Quite Possibly Too Many Pictures of Reise!

An Ireland Exchange:

Do you recall the lamb puppet I made Reise because it is her FAVORITE character from Baby Einstein?  She still breaks out in a huge cheeky grin and lets out excited grunts when I bring baby lamb out.  Well, one day I look in my email inbox, (which is always a mass pile of work stuff, travel articles, and emails with friends/family); but on this day there is an email from someone I don't know and the subject reads "lamb puppet".  It was a mother looking for a "how to" on how I made Reise's puppet because her daughter also LOVES it and she, (like me), couldn't find it anywhere on the web to buy it.

This is what I wrote in reply:

Aloha Cara,

This email made my day because I am SO PROUD of my lamb puppet after, (like you), not being able to buy one online.  I bought her some other Baby Einstein puppets online for Christmas and she doesn't care about them, but she still GOES CRAZY over her homemade lamb.  :)

A rough guide would be... I just looked at a picture of the Einstein lamb and I used a tube sock, acrylic paint for the mouth, eyes, and nose... cotton balls for the top of the head, and paper for the ears.  If you want me to try to make you one, I'd be happy to do a trade of some kind.  If you make one on your own, let me know how it turns out!  

Warmest Aloha,

Afterwards, I realized how ridiculous the "ingredients" to make baby lamb must have sounded and thought I might not ever hear back.  But sure enough, Cara writes back with excitement at the idea of a trade but discloses that she lives in Ireland, yet she seems tickled at the idea of a transcontinental trade.

Ireland, a dream of mine to visit and a large portion of my heritage, but to send a lamb puppet there and get something from THERE in return felt like it would be "visiting" in its own way for now.  So instead of the 10 minute sock puppet I made Reise, I took more time and actually sewed on cloth ears instead of using tape and tissue paper.  Cara and baby Alyssa got their puppet and a Hawaiian mac nut chocolate and I got my package of goodies from them that was all too awesome!  Now we stay connected on Facebook and it's really neat to see her baby grow and to have a friend around the globe all because of a silly lamb sock puppet.  We've even done a couple more packages since.  You just never know what will happen with the wonderful World Wide Web!  

Back when I first made Reise's puppet.
Checking out the pair before shipping one off to baby
Alyssa in Ireland.  Reise loved them both!
Baby Alyssa and her lamb in Ireland.  How
cute is SHE?!  All together now... "Awwww."
My last package from Ireland included a 1st birthday card
and white chocolate Easter egg for Reise, REAL black tea, (and
green tea for Jun), and some coffee from Ireland!  We've also received
 "Taytos", (crisps/chips), some lovely Cadbury chocolate.... and I also got....
Such a lovely necklace made my Cara herself!  I wear it often.
(I took this picture for a photo-school/ project I was doing
and hope to elaborate on more later).

The New and Improved Website:

As some of you may have seen, I've not only changed the blog name, but Queen B. Photography's photography website is no more and in it's place I've created Sea Glass Photography.  You can click on "Photography Shop" above here on the blog to see my gallery, or you can go to the website home page by going to  (Remember it's .org,!).  You can also keep up with my photography on FACEBOOK by "liking" it HERE.  All feedback on the new website is encouraged and welcomed.

Flash Backs:

As Reise turned one in February, I stumbled across these old pictures that made me laugh and warmed my heart.  (I literally "stumbled" across them as my eye caught the corner of an SD card sticking out of the mud by our truck as I was getting in... It must have been sinking for months into the muddy muck and I'm lucky to have recovered these images at all).

And here are more recent images, (over the past 5 months?), where she's obviously lost her Donald Trump look and gained a healthy head full of hair.  ;)

Playing with her stack toys.  Speaking of toys,
I made her that TOY BOX in the background out
of a diaper box and construction paper.  It says
TOY on the wide sides and BOX on the narrow
sides.  Jun caught me in the act of making it
and said he wasn't surprised to find me on the
floor knee deep in colored paper and packing
 tape.  Buy hey, it only cost me .50
cents to make!  :)
A cute one I dug up of Reise and her Granddad. :)
"Don't eat sand? What sand?"
We went to Venus pools with Dad, I'm just still
behind on posting pictures.
Lono always volunteers to go first!
My little coconut.  :)
She LOVES her Lono.
Her big day was obviously spent at her favorite place...
A jungle baby through and through.
The other day when we were playing in her room... :) :) :)

This would be on Easter morning at 2:30AM!!!  For some
unknown reason, Reise just woke up rarin' to go at 2!  So
we made an Easter circle to discuss our days events.  ;)
This was today... when our little munchkin refused her nap...
So we made happy snuggle selfies instead!
This picture dates back to New Year's.  I surprised
Jun by making him traditional Japanese New Year's
night and New Year's day meals like he grew up
eating.  Since I had no idea what they were
supposed to taste like, I was ecstatic when
he said everything was EXCELLENT.
We also moved recently, (April 1st to be exact!), and life has been, well... hectic, (that is still an understatement).  Reise is walking but I still have to follow her crouched down so that I can break her fall because she crashes harder than a giant Redwood tree and I'm afraid she'll break her little butt bones.  Plus, she can't stand on her own yet, so she yells for help every time she falls so that she can stand back up again, (talk about exhausted with a back ache!).  She LOVES walking though, and it's hysterical to watch her.  Her favorite thing, (besides feeding Lono her food), is to wave at every single person she sees in public, (even if they're in their car!).  This makes any normal task take 20x's longer because EVERYONE has to stop and fuss over the sweet little waving baby.  

There's so much more to tell you... Like my brother, sister-in-law/best friend, and nephew came for a visit and it was awesome!  Also, you must hear about our insane move... it's a really crazy BUNCH of stories!  PLUS, I'll be doing a Sea Glass Photography canvas giveaway, (you'll need to be connected to Sea Glass Photography on Facebook to win, so "LIKE IT" HERE).  But next time... when Reise takes a nice long nap... I'll tell you all about it.  ;)


P.S.  It's been rainy all month... someone please send me sunshine and surf...

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  1. danielle, first of all: CUTE BABY! she is beautiful! :) secondly, my son is CRAZY about that lamb on baby einstein. i would love to make him one, but i am living in morocco (originally from san diego) and your ingredients are difficult to find here. i know it sounds crazy, but it is true.

    if you have time and are so inclined, i would LOVE to do an exchange with you. i can send you fabulous moroccan goodies, or i can make you some of my hand crafted greeting cards (, or i can build you a website, or a combination of those things. my son adores that lamb. not the dinosaur, not the horse, not the bee. he is 5 months old and knows what he wants! I just need that lamb! :)

    thanks for considering and please let me know what you think my dear. sending you lots of sunshine from sunny, warm, amazing rabat.

    sending you all the best - kathy

    kathylynnkyle at gmail dot com


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